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She became a Fashion Designer even before she became a Teenager - Pearl Academy

«Submitted by Garima Garg, Student at Pearl Academy, Delhi»


When a 13 year old achieves astounding heights of success, it can take a toll on any average person’s self-esteem. But instead of envying her it is time for us to start getting inspired by this teenager girl from Austin, Texas.

When she was just 8 she attended a sewing camp and instantly got addicted to the world of creativity and soon her parents realized that her aspirations of getting into the fashion world could be turned into a reality and that is when Isabella Rose Taylor struck her first major deal with Nordstrom.

Nobody gets famous overnight unless you have Kardashians for parents. Isabella went through a slow process of building buzz when she started using all possible means of social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This also shows her forward sense of marketing that helped furtherance her creativity and brand.

Her line has been described as hippie-grunge, yet feminine while Isabella herself says that the key to her success has and will always be “blood, sweat and glitter”, she describes glitter as the cause of her imagination and her creativity, and we can only agree with her and hope that she will continue to rise and turn her passionate dreams into reality.


Check out more about her brand HERE



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