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SCMF engages with Future Communication Designers at Comic Con in Bangalore - Pearl Academy

IMG_7369They have fascinated each one of us; we all have aspired to become one of those; we have believed in them and made them an integral part of our childhood – The indestructible and incredible Superheroes!

And if you are still a comic-geek and want to relive your childhood, ‘Comic Con’ is all what you need to quench your thirst for the dose on superheroes and the new comic books from all over the world. Recently, the Bangalore edition of Comic Con was organized and guess what! Pearl was present there!!

School of Communication, Media & Film (SCMF) from Pearl Academy hosted a series of interesting and fun-filled activities at Comic Con to engage students in a rather informative way. This particular School from Pearl has been adding value to the rapidly expanding spectrum of Communication Design and comics being one of them. Producing skilled professionals armed with intellectual & conceptual thinking and innovative visualization for the new age professions, the CMF School has become a cradle to the future designers.

IMG_7098Coming back to the activities by Pearl at Comic Con, nearly 1500 students and visitors participated in this making our efforts worthwhile. The enthusiastic and young audience participated in activities such as Beat Boxing, Street Dance, Free style dance, Fast and furious competition, Interview of all comic Stars, Act or Dialogue by the Comic Star, Selfie Counter, Arm Wrestling, etc.

Experts from Pearl also apprised the visitors on the increasing education and employment possibilities in this domain. And interestingly, we received an overwhelming response from them to join the league of designers in the arena of Communication Design. Now that’s a good news!

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