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Satakshi Arora - Challenges faced by Fashion Design – Entrepreneurs in business start-up in India - Pearl Academy

This paper presents a conceptual framework that emerged from a study that aimed to do just that – to understand the experience and the challenges in enterprise development in the relatively new, rapidly growing and dynamic fashion design sector in India. This conceptual framework is grounded in new – designers’ sense of their enterprise development experiences and challenges.

Objective and Research Method
The study takes 30 design – entrepreneurs as a sample size for an In-depth Interview, whose businesses were established not more than 7 years before in Delhi/NCR. This research uses a narrative approach to examine the sense making by the entrepreneurs and analyze further using in-depth and conceptual analysis to conclude the framework and experience they had in business start-up.

The fashion design entrepreneurs in Delhi were brainstorming about the challenges segmented into creative vs. business, lack of skilled workforce, self actualization, marketing and finance. Through narrative approach, they cited their histories of business start-up motivations and problem identification to the most detailed level. This research has concluded the increasing recognition of innovative, modern and intricate practices that are used by new designer – entrepreneurs in terms of business commencement and evolution motivating use of process-based tools to a greater extent in order to interpret the entrepreneur and business.

Conclusion and Recommendation
The limitation in studying the entrepreneurs in this research is to determine the explanation of entrepreneurship. Also, this research has been limited to identify the dependable attributes and practices that can completely explicate about a fashion entrepreneurship, resulting in ratiocination of entrepreneurial reasoning and behavior that seem to be insufficiently static to distinguish between different entrepreneurs and their reasons and behavior while starting up their business.

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