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Sadhvi Thukral Gets An Academic Award For Most Innovative Project | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy








Sadhvi Thukral
School of Communication, Media and Film

Kahani Her Mahine Ki – An end to an age old Taboo
Illustrating ideas for a topic with a taboo, this thesis project aims at educating women, especially the vision impaired community about puberty and natural phenomenon of the menstrual cycle in a scientific manner.

India’s varied customs are quaint and endearing. Fertility, marriage, procreation and post-birth rituals are colourful and decorous. But the path to fertility is shrouded and replete with superstitions and strange notions; a topic which is seldom discussed freely. Educating women about their puberty and the natural phenomenon of the menstrual cycle in a scientific manner is rare. It is even worse when girls with impaired vision are unable to find the facts in books or through electronic media.

Additionally, visually impaired girls reach puberty at a younger age than most of us, and it was appalling that neither the syllabi in schools nor in colleges were sensitive to the vacuum. Sadhvi was also inclined towards resolving problems related to disability. So, she embarked on this project “with a vision that had come to reveal itself in slight haziness……” as she reveals.

Sadhvi realised her vision in the form of end-of-semester project and designed a tactile kit, which gives cohesive and complete information on the subject in as much detail as possible, for visually challenged girls to help them to understand themselves better. She chose to author the literature around menstruation and menstrual health which could be converted into Braille, and also produced a three dimensional kit which could be instrumental in acting as a sensory support to the literature.

“The project started to become a reality with the excellent mentorship I received at Pearl Academy. The exposure to core realities was through field trips. The explanations are simple and easily understood. It is somewhat a pioneering project and will help visually impaired girls to understand their bodies and their growth and development in a straightforward manner. It will educate and empower them to lead normal lives, maintain hygiene, procreate and understand each stage of their reproductive life with ease and without embarrassment. It will also help educators, social workers and care-givers. The culture of shame that marginalizes a woman undergoing something as natural as menstruation should end. I will do whatever it takes to achieve that.’’ Sadhvi says with determination.

Most Innovative Project – Academic Awards

Sumita Sarkar
Lakshmi Murthy

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