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SAANIYA ABBAS, The creative genius! - Pearl Academy

There comes a point when you find what you’ve always searched for – a sense of purpose, when every fiber of your body screams out – THIS IS IT!! This is what you were born to do. Very few have the fortune of finding their true calling and doing what they love.

For me a great design is that which is understood and respected by consumers – mainly because it respects and understands them equally. As designers we must be able to relate to consumers, know where they’ve been, understand the battles they fight and create an emotional connection between them and a product/service/movement. I understand that they need to feel the change.

I am a product of Communication Design in Pearl Academy and I’ve been packaged meticulously. I understand the importance of research and design process, and I have been guided by only the best. I am extremely grateful to our faculty for their patience and faith in me and I love my classmates for making this journey unforgettable. Thank you Pearl: I now eat, breathe and live design.

Congratulations CD 2012, WE DID IT!!!

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