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Quirky People At Wills India Fashion Week '14 - Pearl Academy

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

So while walking around the arena, we came across quite quirky people that held their own little fashion show. Their ready to wear caught our eyes and we just couldn’t help but share it with everyone!

  • We met up with a fellow blogger Amanda and we simply loved her outfit. It’s got a cute story behind it, the skirt was a dress that Amanda wore when she was about 10 years old, and now it’s a DIY skirt. Take inspiration ladies.
  • Arjun Dutta is a known model, but well he is mainly known to make girls swoon all over him. And who could blame the girls, as soon as I saw that outfit I think I fell little in love myself.
  • Meet another one of our alumnus, Sumiran Sharma. His quirky sense of fashion killed me and took me to heaven and left me with a pang of jealousy because I have been dying to get my hands on that baseball cap and those studded pair of heels.
  • What could you expect more from the models? Let alone a showstopper. Sanea was wearing galaxy print with a bomber jacket and I love how she could turn the ready to wear items into a cluster of glamour.
  • We could debate on this one but I love her outfit. Meet a fellow Fashion Designer, Palka Paul, who is here from Dubai. This is her creation and she wore it during Fashion Week and made heads turn. I loved the Chanel clutch and now I am simply dying to get my hands on it. The feather-y delight was the perfect thing to sum up the day.
  • While walking towards a Fashion Show something caught my eye and when I stopped to check I saw a huge headpiece that screamed Cleopatra to me – only if it were gold. The whole outfit was almost plain and then you get this sudden pang of glamour thanks to the headpiece. Sheer Genius.
  • We got a Fashionista in the house people. Sumiran, who was mentioned before too, blew our minds again. He wore a man skirt, which is basically a trouser and a skirt combined, with his set of heels and a long collar t-shirt. And he designed it! Boy, would I love to learn from this man.

Stay tuned for highlights from day three!

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