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Pune Design Festival 2018 - Pearl Academy

Boundaries of design have moved beyond from ideological frames and disciplines, moreover it has become an integral part of living, philosophy and an ideology itself. In this mundane constructional life of machine age “Designism” – Pune Design Festival 2018 brought forward optimism of thinking, intuitive approach and cast light on innumerable design possibilities and practices. Two days of Design celebration housed design speakers, thinkers and practitioners across the globe.

The event started with Sajith Ansar’s opening note and led to explore a new world of creative endeavor by the key note of Padamshree Bunkar Roy’s philosophy and new methodology of thinking. The whole idea of Designism- Pune design Festival 2018 was adorned with opening up the ways to build perception towards thinking and looking at design at a wider perspective. Speakers like Swapnil Chaturvedi (Founder, Samagra- Poop Guy) introduced his innovative approach towards optimization of space and utility.

Apart from enormous schedule of great speakers and thinkers the festival also hosted thoughtful workshops and Panel discussions where design was taken as an open experiment where ideas are rationalized with great value of extempore. Mr. Agat Sharma and Ms. Ramneek Majithia from Pearl Academy presided over a workshop “At the edge of Design” which explored new design possibilities. The workshop gave opportunity to many young minds to actively participate in the creation of new design school. The workshop not only entitled brains to exert new implementations but also an understanding of need and value was bordered fairly. On the similar lines of design and its new possibilities Mr. Nidhip Mehta from Pearl Academy chaired a panel discussion along with Mandar Rane, Agat Sharma, Akshay Sharma and Pravinsinh Solanki on shedding the light on finding Designsim in education, the session explored and opened avenues to all design thinkers for generating an introspective approach in framing the fundamentals of Design education now.

Pune Design Festival 2018 provided young learning designers and design thinkers to showcase their design learning milestones, while discussing this the active participation of Pearl Academy’s students can’t be overlooked. The installation of fragments showing versatility of design was executed with great enthusiasm and creativity by the students of Pearl Academy. An apart of festival was also in Ishanya Mall- Pune where a design expo was planned and design schools from all over India participated with their students, it was indeed a pleasure to see young minds of different design colleges like Pearl Academy, MIT etc. to be euphoric about proceeding towards new dynamics of design.
Write-up by:
Debabrota Das
Faculty, School Of Foundation
Pearl Academy, Mumbai Campus

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