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Pearlites Skoring against the Taboo of Condoms via ‘Skore Fashionista’ - Pearl Academy

Group1“Shhh….!!! We don’t talk about it!”

This is a very common expression by most of the Indians when it comes to talk about condoms which are a taboo subject in India. The topic of sex or precautionary measures such as condoms is generally avoided in public places or otherwise.

But, the well-known youth condom brand SKORE condoms which has also done a lot of innovative campaigns to promote condoms’ awareness in the masses, conducted India’s first design contest and fashion show ‘SKORE Fashionista’ in Mumbai to break the barriers of taboo towards condoms recently. And, 7 teams of Pearlites participated in the fashion show supporting the cause.  

In total, 21 students with 3 in each team from the Post-Graduate Fashion Design course at Pearl Academy’s Mumbai based campus participated in the event. Pearlites submitted 1 designer costume per team making it a submission of total 7 garments in which 70% of the garment was created with the help of non-lubricated condoms and wrappers.

GroupStudents created different textures and showed an excellent design execution and team effort. It was a great learning experience for them not only in terms of exploring an idea, a material but also helped in what the show set out to achieve ‘Normalising’ the use of the term ‘Condoms’.

In the fashion show, 36 teams with 78 students participated who were from many prestigious design and fashion institutes such as INIFD, WLCI, et al along with Pearl Academy. The show-stopper was the gorgeous Mugdha Godse who wore a scintillating outfit designed by one of the participants at SKORE Fashionista.

Check out what the teams from Pearl Academy Mumbai created and showcased at the fashion show:


Team 1


Team 1- Rinkle Cheda, Nilima Bohra, Karishma Kachela

The team intended to spread awareness about unsafe sex and prevent aids so that all the colors of the life are nurtured. The team tried to use a band showing the sign of HIV-AIDS represented by halter neck and the skirt consists of different textures made by the wrappers of condoms.


Team 2


Team 2 – Sakshi Jhunjhunwala, Vaishali Kedia, Divya Jain


Theme – Be A Hero For A Better World

CONDOM! CONDOM! CONDOM! Say it loud. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t throw away your second chance, be smart and use a condom. This piece of plastic, considered to be a thing of shame is nothing but a life jacket, your SAVIOUR or HERO in disguise.



Team 3


Team 3 – Sargam Mehra, Arwa Arif, Darshana Goenka

The team’s concept is about parents, especially the mothers educating their children about consciously practicing safe sex and making them aware of the repercussions including STD’S like HIV/AIDS if they are not careful.


Team 4




Team 4 – Akansha Agarwal, Saloni Bafna, Archie Sinhal

Theme – Kamar Kasso – Take Charge


There is a special place for women in Indian mythology such as goddess Durga has the capability to suppress and destroy evil and injustice or Maa Kali who killed the demon Mahishasur. The concept portrayed in the garment depicts the fearless and bold attitude of a woman who does not inhibit herself to buy a protection and taking charge.



Team 5

Team – 5 Aashi, Riya Garodiya, Dimple


Theme – Seductive Bollywood


Bollywood acts as a seductress for young and old alike. The temptation of fame, money, sex lures even the best of men in the dusky world of cinema. But, none remember to aid themselves from a variety of problems that this world might provide. Team’s creation is a saree that represents both the seductive Bollywood and the protection one needs to use with her. After All You Have To Be Dumb, To Not Use A Condom!




Team 6





The concept is to create a garment which is made out of condom but it won’t look as if it is of condom. The team made a fit pencil skirt and a loosetop to show the narrow and wide mentality of society. Students also used light and dull shades in their garment to show the same.



Team 7


Team 7 – Rutuja Kumbhar, Aadya Vats


Theme – Condom Queen


The team created a circular skirt with red panels and a sweetheart neck top. For decorative look, students used pearls and made condoms look like flowers.

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