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Pearl Portfolio – a celebration of creativity, an ode to creators of tomorrow. - Pearl Academy

Pearl Portfolio the annual event and a platform for our graduating students is a celebration for all – students, faculty, parents and industry veterans. The platform provides them with a unique opportunity to showcase their masterpieces in front an eager audience, which comprises of every stakeholder that has groomed them through the years, and those who will further nurture these young talents in the coming years. This year, our students set the bar higher than before by showcasing creations that were first in the country, besides also being very well thought. So we’ve summed up some of the stellar work our students have been able to put at the Portfolios held at our four campuses – Jaipur, Noida, Delhi and Mumbai.

Project Name: BRAILLE – the art of dots
Student name: Khayti Saraf
Course: Fashion Design

Touch is the most essential sense. The visually impaired use touch to read braille and to recognise people. Colour plays a vital role in our lives, so much so that it represents the personality of an individual. Colors also depict the mood and the state of mind. The absence of colour makes the world a grey scale vision. Each colour represents a different dimension and holds power to transform lives. This project is based on these thoughts. The garments are asymmetrical and the dots have no definite shape. This is because things for them are vague and uncertain and their vision of the world is unique. The power of touch brings this collection to life. So, the garments are inspired by braille and dots, whereas the consumer inspires the silhouettes and colours according to their desires.

Project Name: Tashreef Rakhiye – please have a seat
Student name: Krithika Chandramouli
Course: Fashion Design

A conversation with a wheelchair user would make you realize how hard it is for the differently abled to dress independently on a regular basis. The functional aspect of clothing is not always what they look for; it’s the fashion element that seems missing.
Widely available clothing solutions for wheelchair users focuses predominantly on functional and medical issues and has less emphasis on emotional, expressive or aesthetic requirements of the clothing. Many solutions do not consider the relationship between body and wheelchair which makes it difficult for them to don and doff regular garments. The project aims to bridge the gap between the fashionable and functional clothing for a wheelchair user to make the idea of adaptive clothing as mainstream as various other categories of clothing available in the market.

Project name: ‘Kisan Mitr – Gyaan ke saath dosti’
Student name: Piyush Grover
Course: Communication Design

Concept: This project aims at designing a theoretical mobile application based on information that farming community will have greater access to smartphones within next half-decade. This project states that smartphones and technology, when coupled with farming, will help farmers elevate some of the challenges they face today such as access of relevant info, access to the latest technology, training knowledge, market conditions & communicating with other farming communities to help each other stay solvent.

Project name: ‘I miss me’
Student name: Bhavya Ahuja
Course: Communication Design

Concept: ‘I miss me’ is an initiative that will strive to engage every section of one’s emotional intelligence and would intrigue onlookers to think towards the variety of conflicting issues, by celebrating our real selves and encouraging emotional conflicts while avoiding pretence in artistic and creative ways. It’s a self-help and introspective tool to pull us away from pretence or makes it a conscious effort. It is a journal filled with colouring pages, venting walls, puzzles and crosswords, with opportunities to do things that bring people closer to their real selves. It is a training tool to train your mind away from pretence and its admiration while bringing people face to face with their emotions that need to be talked about. It’s all about taking a leap towards you and diving in a little deeper in the sea of emotions that they withhold within themselves.

Project name: ‘Two Fingers Deep’
Student name: Kuval Dutta
Course: Communication Design

Concept: The project touches the subject of erotica and topics related to sex. The gap stems from the fact that no one has the factual information, and nobody wants to talk about it either. As a result, the definition of erotica and pornography also gets skewed.
Looking at the fact that our generation likes more visuals, fun and un-sugarcoated text that speaks directly to the readers, the student created a book on sex education with a quirky approach. The book title ‘Two Fingers Deep’ is a conversation starter or an ice-breaker to help people talk about sex and its related subjects which are considered a taboo.

Project name: ‘Hasthaakshar: Cruise ship Interiors’
Student name: Aishwarya Malhotra
Course: Interior Design & Styling

Concept: This project is focussed on cruise interiors. India being a nation of diverse culture and heritage and a country with a large population presents an endless variety of creeds, customs and colors. So, attracting the tourists, India is targeting to promote its tourism through new mode which is cruise tourism by utilizing the southern part of India.

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