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Pearl Edge - Everything you need to Know about this Innovative Learning Programme - Pearl Academy

In the modern age, most individuals live their life at breakneck speed and are sucked into their professional lives, often leaving them with no time to harness their personal interests and hobbies. This is especially impacting people in a full-time job who have no time to divert their attention to anything else due to the taxing nature of their work. The only time these professionals are relatively free is during the weekend. Therefore, this underlines the criticality for institutions to identify the best way to provide these individuals with the relevant education they desire during this span of time.

This is essentially where the concept of weekend courses comes into play. With time constraints playing an imperative role in today’s day-and-age, it is vital to ensure that negligible problems come in the way of people educating themselves about subjects they genuinely want to learn about.

Pearl Academy, since its inception, has propelled itself as a favourable choice for students wishing to penetrate through the spheres of fashion, design, and media. One of the fundamental reasons contributing to this is ‘Pearl Edge’. This programme refers to the array of 11-month weekend courses offered. These courses are contemporary and niche, and only take place on the weekend. Students enrolled for Pearl Edge avail a host of benefits, such as –

● Access to top quality facilities
● Opportunity to attend international fashion and design events
● Exposure through masterclasses by industry experts
● Entrepreneurial skill development

Pearl Edge courses aim to explore new-age contemporary avenues of education and help people educate themselves on the same with a host of educational offerings. These courses are listed below:

Fashion Modelling & Choreography: This course helps students enhance their confidence by improving the overall fitness levels, developing choreography skills, aiding them to learn the art of catwalk, and helping them obtain an understanding of how photo shoots work.

Wedding Planning: A programme that will help students understand how wedding planning is efficiently implemented in modern times with new-age insights from experts in this particular realm.

Styling for Home: Interior decoration has grown by leaps and bounds, with homes nowadays adopting more of contemporary designs and styles. The idea of house themes has also picked up steam in recent years. With this course, aspirants can confidently break into this field with a whole host of new-age insights.

Mobile Journalism: The prevalence of mobile devices has never been more obvious than in the current age, making it necessary for individuals to understand the nuances and norms of how journalism is carried out in this unique vertical.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogging: The art of blogging is something that people are just starting to grasp the concept and this course will enable students to take that crucial step towards becoming a leading voice in the verticals of fashion and lifestyle.

Contemporary Photography: Students who opt for this course will understand the complexities involved in modern photography and will be able to apply these learnings to accentuate the quality and standard of their shots.

Fashion Photography : This course allows aspirants to examine and evaluate the world of fashion and its visual aspects, ultimately helping them understand the optimal manner to click the perfect shot.

Fashion Design (Women’s Wear): Fashion design is one of the hot topics of modern times, and this course ensures that students appreciate the industry, identify current & future trends, and develop trending garments.

Take Your Business Online: The culture of developing online businesses and working from home has become increasingly popular in modern times, and this course will educate individuals who wish to follow this trend and understand the key pointers of running an online business successfully.

Fashion Styling: Through the derivations of this course, students build confidence in understanding human psychology and behaviour and realize the significance and impact of fashion and clothing in harnessing one’s persona and image.

Image Makeover: Learn the technique of makeup styling and etiquettes through this course to understand the importance of physical body language and appearance.

All the above-mentioned courses are extremely relevant in the modern world today. This highlights the importance Pearl Academy is willing to place on contemporary and dynamic education – with so much evolving in the world around us.

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