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Pearl Academy teams up with Salaam Baalak to facilitate a fresh wave of Design, Inspired by the Hollywood of India - Pearl Academy

Design is an ever-changing construct. Chances are that if you ask multiple people about the definition of design, then you’re bound to get a bunch of different answers that – somehow – make complete sense. This is the beauty of design – while the interpretation might be different, the core meaning still remains one and the same. This also helps us understand why design is constantly evolving, with existing styles adapting to changing tastes while new trends are continuously pervading the design space.

This is especially true in the city of Mumbai, where an amalgamation of different cultures, tastes, styles and preferences – among a host of other elements – contribute to a holistic definition of design that’s incredibly broad in every sense of the word. Just take a look at some of the many creative ventures in this city to understand how people visually convey their interpretation of design into a work of art. It’s an amazing development… but there’s still a lot of untapped potential that is going to waste every single day.

To make sure that these creative voices don’t remain silenced, Pearl Academy and Salaam Baalak have started off with a joint initiative for the same. In a bid to illustrate the city of Mumbai in a whole new light, underprivileged children will be provided with the means to showcase the city of Mumbai as they perceive it. Not only will this prove to be a great exercise for the students of Pearl to witness an entirely unique viewpoint altogether, but it’ll also help these underprivileged children explore the artist inside of them.
The initiative is labelled “Mumbai By Design” and aims to help students form their very own definition of what Mumbai – and, to an extent, design – is all about. By interpreting the City of Dreams in their own way, everyone from the students to the underprivileged children will be able to facilitate an original, fresh, and exciting wave of design.

Aside from this initiative, there are various events and competitions featured in this event as well. Inter-college events around the verticals of Fashion, Media, and Design are meant to test one’s mettle and gauge the knowledge of their respective subjects. Along with this, there’s an enlightening panel discussion and multiple workshops that engage participants in applying their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

The Hollywood of India is a hub of creativity, and it’s vital to ensure that everyone can express their creative side without any issues. Pearl’s “Mumbai By Design” event aims to accomplish precisely that, by seeing to it that underprivileged children are provided the opportunity to portray the glory of Mumbai in their unique fashion. This, coupled with a host of creative extracurricular events, ensures that every individual can flex their creative muscles, without any exceptions.

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