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Pearl Academy takes education to next level! - Pearl Academy

Pearl Academy has recently launched a series of new courses aimed at addressing the needs of a rapidly growing market. Many diversified courses have been announced. These are all full time courses and give students a chance to pinpoint their interests and choose the subject that interests them the most.

Media and entertainment business

This three year under graduation course has been designed to help students learn how the media and entertainment industry works. The curriculum has been designed after in-depth study and includes entertainment/media classes and real-world experiences. This course is aimed to help students get an idea of the latest technology used in the industry and its role in the coming years. This course also provides insights into the corporate culture and its challenges and demands.

This course seeks to address the urgent need of critical training and skills that enable students to learn how to handle creative as well as practical daily operational requirements of the industry.

Industry trends:
Industry forecasts indicate a steady growth of 14 % from 2015 to 2020 with revenues likely to exceed US$ 32.7 billion by 2019. In 2014, the industry had a growth of 0.7 per cent over the previous year. The country’s television industry had had a steady year-on-year growth of about 13.8%. Incidentally, Digital Advertising has emerged as the fastest growing segment with an annual growth rate of 44.5%.

Career pathways:
Armed with this degree, one can easily have a career in films, television, radio, print media, TV, online media and the digital world.

Journalism and mass communication

This three year under graduation course aims to equip students with the art of creating and contextualising message for the masses. For the first time in India, Pearl Academy offers a new age, design-based, digital and tech savvy mass communication course with an international curricula and focus on special interest modules designed to give students an edge over others in the industry. Subject will vary from traditional print media and different forms of reporting and writing for it to globalisation, international communication and media, television journalism and digital journalism and writing for the internet. Students will also benefit from international exposure through overseas exchange credited in the curriculum. The course will touch on the principles and practices of public relations, advertising and strategies with emphasis on account planning, PR writings and media relations. Each subject is given a rigorous treatment and students get to learn each and every aspect, be it technical or managerial.

Industry trends:
Today, people get their news from various outlets other than newspaper, TV and radio. The internet has emerged as a big player. Technology is changing rapidly and what was relevant yesterday is not relevant today. This course enables students to deal with these changes and emerge fully equipped with the skills needed in this industry.

Career pathways:
The career opportunities for graduates of this course are endless. One can opt for reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting, researching or anchoring.

Fashion and lifestyle ecommerce

This three-year under-graduate course is aimed to equip graduates with an understanding of the dynamics of online business and online buying behaviour to create a consumer-oriented online business strategy. The course provides a holistic knowledge on fashion product development for Ecommerce platform and offers an amalgamation of Indian and global online business sensibilities. The in-built Overseas Exchange Program is designed to acclimatise students with the latest in the global online business industry. The course will arm the students with the knowledge and skills required to manage long term profit making online ventures

Industry trends:
E-commerce sales in India have seen a tremendous growth in recent years. From $2.3 billion in 2012 to an estimated $17.5 in 2014, there has been an almost eight-fold growth in this sector. Though India is still in a nascent stage regarding fashion ecommerce, things are expected to change soon. With increased Internet penetration and easy-to-use payment mechanisms, the fashion segment of the online retail e-commerce industry is projected to reach $2.9 billion this year.

Career pathways:
Students can join an existing venture or develop their own online retail venture. The options are endless.

Industry trends:
Sports is a $200 billion dollar a year industry globally. The sports industry has emerged as one of the most lucrative options in India. It has given employment and created a lot of entrepreneurs. Without question, these are exciting times for the Indian sports industry. According to industry forecasts, sports in India is poised to be a multi-million dollar industry. But there is a serious dearth of trained and talented people.

Career pathway:
This course will give students a chance not only to work with athletes but also see the corporate and business side of the sports world. One can work for professional sporting groups in the marketing, health, promotions and compliance sectors or opt for fitness and health-focused positions with the athletes. Getting into the retail space is another option where one can represent sporting goods stores and more.

Lifestyle accessory design

This four years full time BA (Honours) Lifestyle Accessory Design programme at the Pearl Academy aims to cater to the lifestyle accessory market. This course is a mix of fashion, product and design ethnography. It emphasises on the aspects of innovativeness of concept, formal attributes of the product coupled with its functional need and experiential value, its versatility of applications and its consumer and market relevance. The course focuses on the four major domains of lifestyle accessory design, i.e., jewellery design, leather based accessory design, craft based accessory design and interior space accessory design.

Focused inputs will be given on various Jewellery materials and techniques to enable students to design either costume/precious jewellery targeting a specific consumer segment. It introduces the student to leather working techniques, sensitises students to India’s cultural heritage and how they can intervene responsibly to preserve these age old crafts and help them sustain by developing new products/and strategies. The course also teaches students the relationship between lifestyle, living space and interior accessories.

Industry trends:
This industry has grown at a rate of 24-35% in the last few years and the boundaries of specialisations within design are fading. The demand for professionals with deep understanding of users, their lifestyles and their unique need for personal expression is rapidly growing. Today, the industry needs designers who are equipped to contribute in various aspects of product design right from coming up with an idea to contributing in marketing and sales strategies or even designing kiosks.

Career pathway:
The market is constantly growing and there is always a need for fresh talent. The accessories sector has endless opportunities to offer for graduates. An accessory designer can join export houses, design houses, retail sector, craft sector, online-retailers or even start their own labels.

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