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Pearlite Pallavi Kalra Gets 'Most Innovative Project’ Academic Award | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy








Pallavi Kalra

Pearl Academy – School of Design
Winner – ‘Most Innovative Project’ Academic Award

Wonder World on Wheels – Our Immovable assets
A Project directed towards Identifying, Recycling and Reuse of New Delhi’s redundant Blue line buses

Blue-line buses, plying in Delhi NCR, which are laid off the roads due to age and metal fatigue find a new life in their redundancy and acquire a gainful and socially meaningful Avatar…

Pearlite Pallavi Kalra, student of Interior Architecture and Design selected her thesis project Wonder World on Wheels after a lot of introspection. During her research, she realized and concluded that to create something truly original, it requires a lot of work, research and out-of-the-box thinking. According to her, the character of Design is thinking completely off the beaten path and creating something which no one has thought about before. Design is endless and the extent of design is infinite…. Pallavi wanted to add to this the factor of functionality through re-use.

Driving through Delhi NCR she noticed quite a few Blue Line buses that had been rendered useless, due to obsolete machinery or metal fatigue. She also observed that often the homeless and destitute rested in the shade of the buses. “That’s when I decided on my project, Wonder World on Wheels” says Pallavi, “ …It would combine Design with Re-cycling to create something functional!”

DUSIB (Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Branch) has been constantly trying to rehabilitate the homeless and destitute, as well as construction workers who constantly shift location. For DUSIB this is a readymade and viable solution. The redundant buses would provide night shelter to the homeless rather than be junked as scrap. This was truly a ‘Life Changing’ idea as it would, in small measures, uplift the quality of life and infuse the idea of improved hygiene and access to basic amenities to a large section of society.

“At Pearl Academy no idea is considered as outrageous or impractical. The faculty members supported and encouraged me throughout my project. They guided me with their inputs and I am truly grateful for this.” says Pallavi.

Thanks to Pallavi Kalra, the Blue Line buses, previously notorious for their high rate of fatal accidents, will now be seen in a new light as beacons of benevolence. A noble initiative proposed to the society that has potential to provide services Wherever, Whenever and to Whoever (in this case homeless) transforming the society into a better one. She is hopeful of her project, its caliber, and success and so are we!

Winner – ‘Most Innovative Project’ Academic Award
Mentored by Tapan K. Chakaravarty

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