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Pallav Chaudhary Awarded For Most Innovative Collection | #PearlWhatsNext - Pearl Academy







Pallav Chaudhary
School of Fashion, Styling & Textiles

Kuntiputras – Amazing landscapes in Nature to Dye for…
A moment of truth on an unexpected and unplanned journey to Pangong Lake, lead Pallav to a path of self-exploration benefitting the dormant community of tie and dye artisans

Ladakh’s stark landscape exudes a strange and compelling beauty; the naked mountains and the barren terrain in a panorama of earth hues captivates completely as one sees the gentle ripples in the waters of the spectacular Pangong Lake. Pangong Lake gets its name from the word ‘pangong’ which in Tibetan means long, narrow and enchanted or the lake of great hollow.

Pallav was struck by this beauty, more so as the trip was unplanned and the sights, unexpected. The spectacular blending of colours of the sky with those of the landscape and the lake created a mystic beauty that proved to be a catalyst for Pallav’s imagination.

Pallav captured the nuances precisely and created a series of dyed and printed scarves. He experimented with various fabrics and dyes to replicate and achieve the serenity of Pangong Lake. He also explored various innovative folds and folding techniques to attain a ‘reflect’ or mirror effect.

“I selected this topic for my project due to two major influences; the first is Nature’s amazing beauty and the second, an extremely interesting novel named ‘The Palace of Illusion’ by Chitra Banerjee Divyakaruni which influenced me greatly. This novel adds a new dimension to the epic Mahabharat and is a rendition of the epic from Draupadi’s viewpoint. The project was further given shape and soul by the faculty at Pearl Academy who supported me in my explorations and gave me full freedom to experiment.” says Pallav.

Little did he know that his project will be mutually beneficial for him and the traditional artists before he started to work toward its realisation. “I also benefitted greatly from the inputs I received from traditional artists and craftsmen who shared their expertise with me. I was able to introduce the craftsmen to unconventional techniques and design elements which they blended into their work to achieve a global look. It’s an amalgamation of traditions with the unknown creating something unique and futuristic.”

Pallav’s project encouraged traditional craftsmen to be more market-oriented, productive and conscious about preserving and continuing the tradition of hand-dyed Indian fabrics and securing their future.

Winner – ‘Most Innovative Collection’ Academic Award
Winner – Made in India Competition 2013-14 (By BE OPEN Foundation) Category – Fashion Accessories

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