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Niyati Jain’s Small Spider Symphony - Pearl Academy

Did the Santa Claus actually ring the bells on Christmas and stuff our closet with loads of gifts, or is it true that the Spider-man will become our savior when we are in some trouble? These questions may seem hypothetical or trivial to us but they conquer the minds of our little sweethearts in their adolescent age.

In fact Albert Einstein quoted the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but intelligence itself. But it’s sad that we force our children and stuff them with facts without bowing to the greater good of creativity and the encouragement of imagination.


Niyati Jain, student of Communication Design, Pearl Academy decided to choose her final project on Spiders, as kids are always inquisitive about insects and many are scared of them while a few love them. She designed a book for the kids which showed the exciting and the cutest side of this rare species.

Her motto of this project is to bring smile to those innocent faces which are at a nascent stage. The majority of work in the book is hand done as she herself sketched, painted and designed all the characters with minimal use of technology. According to Niyati “My majority of the work is for kids and I love to see that innocent smile on these cute faces which are also a source of inspiration for me.”


In the book, she made a story based on real facts about spiders which not many people are aware of and then have designed the characters, a pop up and an animation around it. mirror-t-shirt


Curiosity being the most important trait in developing a human brain at any stage of life. Among all, children have the most curious minds that want to explore the world. So this book is a good initiative that will help kids to imagine and stay curious as it is a critical feature of the child’s cognitive and social development.

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