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Myriad expressions of Freedom @ Pow Wow in Jaipur campus - Pearl Academy

POW WOW 1In each workshop, the concept of Freedom was expressed in various ways by the new Pearlites and each meaning was close to every individual at Pow Wow. The mentors, who helped these Pearlites to bring out their best, were also exploring new meanings through these workshops. Check out some glimpses of PoW Wow here:

Reclaiming Freedom - K.B. Jinan2Reclaiming Freedom by K. B. Jinan – We were born intelligent but education ruined us!! Sounds cool, isn’t it? But it became more interesting when the students were asked to explore this cool saying!

How many of us can think about how to draw a circle with a scale! Not many! Because we were never taught on the school about this! The mentor told that a child once told him 6 ways! Now that surely is worth a thought!

Students also had a small meditation session as according Jinan, every child meditates. Not everything learnt is taught after all!
And surely not everything taught is learnt by all! To prove that there were a series of videos about children and artisans with immense talents which were taught by none! That was an inspiring one and a take back to home.

HeRa - Breaking Essentials1Hip-hop workshop led by HeRa – Hip hop is the streets. It speaks to your livelihood and it’s not compromised. It’s raw, straight off the streets – from the beat to the voice to the words. But the workshop was not just about Hip-hop as it included various other forms of dance such as break dance, locking & popping, etc. were integrated in the session.

Multiple activities such as body movements, role-playing, script making with body, etc. made the dancing a fun filled exercise. Students learned that they have to bring out their individuality to stand out from the rest crowd –even if they are considered weird for doing so. Believe in what you want and believe it so hard that everybody else believes in your belief.

The hero's Journey - Amitesh SinghalUnleash the writer within by Priyadarshani Sharma – A Delhi based writer who has done film making, written scripts and does freelancing photography and writing for passion.

She did an interesting exercise where students were made aware of the power of communication and how important it is to express your feelings. Initially, Priyandarshini made students write about their given partners (Both the partners were obviously unknown to each other as they have just joined the Academy) and their experience in the campus so far. Students were also given an activity where they had to continuously write on anything which hit their minds, to teach them the fact that words can actually make one feel better, even when you feel you don’t want to write. All these activities along with a couple of others were aimed at expressing feeling and thoughts effectively through words.

One of the students, Ankita Rachcha said, “This workshop has been extremely informative and interesting right since the beginning. It has helped me overcome the fear of putting what I feel into words. I now find it easier to organise my ideas and thoughts in a way that is appealing to readers. I am sure that this creative writing workshop will help in any situation where I will have to deal with words”.

Another student, Pragya said, “The workshop helped us put our thoughts and imagination into words. Expressions and emotions play a major role. Our facilitator motivated us to perform a better task at creative writing”.

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