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Manish Malhotra and Sussanne Khan to choose India’s 10 most creative minds with Pearl Academy’s Who’s next… - Pearl Academy

Win Scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to USA

Pearl Academy is set to find India’s 10 most creative minds in its ‘Who’s Next’ scholarship program, which is live and on till May 15. Among the esteemed set of judges we have Manish Malhotra, the famous fashion designer and Sussanne Khan, Interior designer and entrepreneur choosing the top 10. The chosen candidates will win scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to the US.

Who’s Next is open to anyone who has appeared for Class 12 exam and is looking to study at Pearl Academy. The application process is simple and quick. Visit the Who’s Next website and log in with your Facebook ID. Tell us your big idea on the theme – The world is your playground, its objective and why we should choose you. The opportunity of a lifetime awaits you.

The competition is a great platform for dynamic minds to access the best opportunities. The best minds in history have attempted to solve such problems by fusing imagination with creativity, and Pearl Academy believes in that approach.

A creative mind looks at a problem more comprehensively, embracing the unknown and the uncomfortable. According to a study, some of the characteristics of a creative mind are flexibility, originality, curiosity and risk-affinity.

By linking creativity to problem-solving, you make better use of your knowledge and skills. So, if you believe that you have it in you to be the next big thing, Who’s Next is perfect for you.


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