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Making the daily checklist less chaotic | 8 productivity apps to tackle everyday challenges - Pearl Academy

How many hours do you spend managing expenses, organizing work related priorities or doing menial tasks like picking out an outfit or tracking how much water you drank in a day? It can be extremely cumbersome to balance personal and work goals. However, just like with everything else, technology comes to our rescue! Today there is an app for any problem one can think of. You can find incredible productivity apps for creative collaborations, virtual interactions, performance tracking, data storages – the list is endless!

Here are some really cool productivity apps that might just save your day:

1. Daily bite-sized knowledge with DeepStash
We all need inspiration from time to time. With Deepstash you can have at-glance information on topics like financial management, technology, mindfulness and so much more. Every day, it gives you tips, hacks, ideas, thought starters, and quotes in an easy-to-digest format. If you’re someone who is always on-the-go but wants to keep upgrading themselves, here’s your pick.

2. Gamify your habits with Habitica
If you think being productive is boring and exhausting, Habitica is here to prove you wrong. Habitica is a task management app where you can create your own customized avatar who gets powerful everytime you perform a positive habit. Cool features like armors, pets, and gold coins get unlocked as you reach your goals. Not only this, you can also keep your friends on-track by going on quests and fighting monsters together!

3. Digitize your wardrobe with Whering
So much of our time is spent on deciding what to wear. Planning an outfit can get overwhelming, especially when you have a heap of clothes lying in your cupboard, waiting to be sorted out. Well, you can step back and let Whering take the wheel. This digital wardrobe and personal stylist will help save all your clothes in one place. You can then sort and match what you wish to wear for any occasion.

4. Meeting made otterly simple with
Online meetings are a part and parcel of modern-day work setup and often, information gets lost in manual translation. takes that stress off your shoulders. It has features like storing minutes of the meeting automatically, keeping every participant in loop of the information, assigning them tasks, and adjustable playback. Now you’ll have one less reason to groan at those Zoom calls!

5. Become a mastermind with MindMeister
While other apps can help you organize your tasks, MindMeister lets you organize your thoughts. This mobile mind-mapping app lets you collaborate with other creators to help brainstorm on the next big idea and create concrete project plans and roadmaps.

6. Easy Expenses with GoDutch
Say Hi to GoDutch AI bot-Amiri, that will auto track your expenses, organize them into categories and give insights on how to reduce your spend. Aside from personal expense tracking, it also helps in splitting bills and settling payments in an instant. And yes, you can also send reminders to that one friend who always forgets to pay back!

7. Work distraction-free with Freedom
Are constant notifications making you incessantly check your phone and preventing you from getting anything done? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Freedom gives you the liberty to focus on the task at hand without the constant itch of having to use your phone. You can custom block apps and websites from your device and schedule the locked mode for future. You can also select focus soundtracks to help you concentrate. Seriously, digital detox never looked easier.

Bonus: Turn tiring cardios into epic adventures with Zombies Run!

What’s better than a Zombie Apocalyptic game? A Zombie workout app! Listen to immersive audios while running that’ll help you take the edge off and make fitness exciting. It also tracks your stats like total distance, calories burnt, and time spent. So if you want to take the first step towards fitness, here’s a super fun way to do so.

Each one of us is unique and have individual approaches to productivity. Using a good productivity tool can take the burden off our everyday activities, leaving room to let your imagination run amok and come up with exceptional ideas.
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