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Let's Fight Fear with Freddy! - Pearl Academy

EveryoneLet's Fight Fear with Freddy experiences anxiety, everyone fears. And, it is as normal as smiling or crying or breathing. However, a kid may not be able to understand this and experiences a daily struggle with his fears. He may feel unsafe with slightest uncontrolled situations or from things that he does not understand.

Ishita Chawla from the School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl Academy (New Delhi) found her calling in addressing this issue of growing children. She wanted to help kids overcome phobias and fears which they encounter in their daily lives. Let's Fight Fear with Freddy 3

‘Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy’ was her brain child that Ishita designed for kids in the age group of 4 – 6 years. This beautifully illustrated book explains in a very simple yet interactive way that how a child can overcome his fears and grow stronger.

Ishita says, “A child’s mind is very sensitive. It observes and absorbs every information very quickly. It also gets impacted deeply in case of high intensity incidents/phenomena. Fear is one such factor that could impact kids’ minds deeply. It could make them weak or timid. My book is a pictorial representation of every day fears and how to conquer them. It infuses positive thoughts and encourages children to focus on their strengths.

Tender minds of children are extremely creative. On listening to various stories or seeing something horrible, they start creating imaginary monsters or creatures. ‘Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy’ encourages them to understand their own powers to defeat these monsters in their own way.

Ishita’s creative approach has a potential to change children’s approach towards fear and bring a positive change in their life; a happy change for a happy childhood 🙂


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