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Let your body language do all the talking - Pearl Academy

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Whoever imagined that a simple thing like body language can make or break an interview? Surveys and research have suggested time and again that recruiters often look for subtle signs of your personality traits and approach to work from the way you carry yourself at an interview.

Right from the moment you enter the reception to the minute you step into the conference room, they’re measuring you up to notice how friendly you are, how confidently you carry your body of work and how you answer certain basic questions. Yes, perfect body language is a thing.

And, it’s here to stay.

Let’s take a look at a few things that you can keep in mind if you’ve decided to ace an interview.

Don’t slouch at the reception

If you’ve not rested the previous night it’s always a good idea to reschedule your interview. Just don’t use your to be employer’s lounge area as your personal couch.

Never frown

It may have been a bad day or your cab driver must’ve taken you for a long ride or perhaps somebody bumped into you and dropped your portfolio and laptop in the elevator. Now you’re fifteen minutes late into the interview. Don’t fret. Just wear a smile and shake it off.

A well-maintained portfolio is a sign of discipline

It doesn’t matter how big or small your portfolio is but a well-documented body of work is a mark of confidence and knowledge and can help you truly go the distance.

Don’t play with your hands or the coffee cup

The cup of coffee was served to you to make you feel at home and if you keep playing or fiddling with it, you are certainly going to annoy your host.

Your story. Keep it simple

You may now have a lot of time to tell your story from birth to adulthood and how every moment was pure joy. Just stick to the basics, keep it short and highlight the milestones.

Saying goodbye

When it’s time to leave don’t bid goodbye to everyone in the room. A simple nod or wave in their direction will do. But, shaking your hiring manager’s hand is a must and shows recognition.

We hope you enjoyed this bit of advice today and we’ll keep updating this space every month with more tips and information coming your way to help make every interview a stunning success.

And never forget that every person you meet is going to recommend you at some point in time so even if you don’t get the job you’ll always make a new contact to refer to somewhere in the future.



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