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Launch of School of Media and Journalism - New Age Journalism - Pearl Academy

After digitally launching the School of Media and Journalism by hosting a panel discussion with some of the renowned journalists of India, Pearl Academy hosted their second-panel discussion with the leading bloggers of India. This hour long discussion saw bloggers talk about the past, present and future of blogging in the country and how blogging has evolved as a mainstream profession.

The panel discussion included six prominent bloggers of India from various fields of blogging and included Abhijeet Mukherjee, Founder, GuidingTech, Amit Bhawani, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, PhoneRadar, Naina Redhu, Founder, Naina.Co, Riaan J. George, Luxury Blogger and Journalist, Urbaneye.In, Pallavi, Travel & Fashion Blogger, and Sukhneet Wadhwa, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, who shared meaningful insights about the life of a blogger and how the industry works. This discussion was live-streamed on Pearl Academy’s website and also on their Facebook and Twitter accounts to reach the aspiring bloggers and journalists from the country.

The panel contemplated on the topics like future of blogging in India, how blogging has changed over years, how blogging has become a part of new age journalism and how to keep up the pace with increasing number of bloggers in India. The event was started after Meha Jayaswal, Area Head, School of Media and Journalism, gave a brief about the School of Media & Journalism and introduced the guests.

Saher Motiwala, Course Leader, School of Media and Journalism, started moderating the discussion by asking about the very basics of blogging and how can one become a successful blogger.

Riaan emphasised on how print journalism limited him from being more expressive and how blogging let him express and write on any topic without any prejudice. To this point, other panellists also shared their experiences of finding boredom in their 9-5 jobs, which eventually led them to take up blogging full-time. While most bloggers left their jobs to take up blogging full-time, they did however put in a word of caution. They advised the aspiring bloggers to reach a stage where their blog becomes sustainable, before quitting their full-time jobs.
On being asked about on the recent trend where many new bloggers acquire followers by buying them, most bloggers disapproved this tactic of gaining initial popularity. The bloggers did point out that buying thousands of fans will never bring them authentic engagement, likes or popularity.

The event further saw the discussion over topics like how traditional media is different from new age media and how to stand out and bring credibility to the blog in this competitive space. Certain viewpoints on the prerequisites to start a blog, revenue making models and how important is it to have a knowledge of marketing and sales for someone who runs an individual blog were some of the important questions answered by the bloggers.

To get the detailed insight and know-how of journalism industry works you can visit Pearl academy’s website or just watch the video.

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