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Last Week at a glance, 19th Jun 2015 - Pearl Academy

At Pearl Academy we aspire to empower the creative minds by fostering the development of students through personal and shared experiences. Nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing our students and pupils harness this emotion and create something not just for personal gain but for the benefit of the society at large. It’s an honour and delight to nurture the talent of these fore runners of the community and with great pride we share their stories –

News @ Pearl


1. Pearl Academy has achieved the feat of ranking 4th in the ‘THE WEEK – Hansa Research Best Courses & Colleges Survey 2015’ under the category of ‘Fashion Technology Colleges’. The Hansa research survey was recently conducted across India. The purpose of the survey was to come up with a list of top colleges in India based on the perceptual index. Several thousand in-depth student and expert interviews were carried out and Pearl academy has climbed the ladder and stood 4th, an improvement from being ranked 5th in 2014.
2. Kartik Verma, whose brain child ‘Assuage Mom’ won the Global James McGuire 2015, USA has received a low-interest loan of $50,000 USD for the company proposed in his business plan. Kartik Verma a student of Fashion Business Management (FBM) at Naraina campus of Pearl Academy conceptualised his ambitious project when he decided to help his sister and many more like her to comfortably feed their babies on an outing during the nursing phase. The Global James McGuire Business Plan Competition promotes the entrepreneurial spirit among undergraduates and young working adults.

Projects @ Pearl

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1. Arya Vijayan’s tap ‘Tappy’ to spread smile! – Pearl Academy’s Arya Vijayan came up with an idea to make an app for social good and named it ‘Tappy’. The purpose of this app is to build awareness in the users and also inspire them to do something good for the society. The app engages the user in various interesting ways and it aims at reducing stress in our lives as well as to raise funds for Operation Smile (India), an NGO which provides free surgery to children who are born with cleft deformity.
2. Ishita Chawla’s Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy! – ‘Let’s Fight Fear with Freddy’ a brain child of Ishita Chawla from the School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl Academy is a beautifully illustrated book explaining in a very simple yet interactive way that how a child between the age of 4-6 years can overcome his fears and grow stronger. Ishita’s creative approach has a potential to change children’s approach towards fear and bring a positive change in their life.
3. Manik Madan’s Caspur – An app that helps you overcome procrastination – Faced with challenge of procrastination and delaying imperative tasks among his peers and young professionals Manik Madan from the School of Communication, Media & Film at Pearl Academy came up with a brilliant concept. A mobile application that deals with the problem of procrastination and helps overcome it by planning/organising your tasks and motivates you to finish your task which results in rewards in the form of vouchers.
4. Niyati Jain’s Small Spider Symphony – With an aim to foster creativity and encourage imagination in the budding minds of young kids, Niyati Jain a student of Communication Design, Pearl Academy produced her final project as an animated book on spiders which showed the exciting and the charming side of this rare species. In the book, she made a story based on real facts about spiders which not many people are aware of and then extended animations and popups to her self-sketched and painted characters.

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