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Last Week at a glance, 17th Jul 2015 - Pearl Academy

Pearlites never fail to impress! The ingenious and savvy scholars of Pearl Academy are the real authors of its stellar credentials. Having done us proud yet again with their creativity and out of the box thinking, we are delighted to present to you their stories –

  • Rasna Bhasin featured in ‘The Juice’ Magazinerasna bhasin’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ‘The Juice’ did a feature story on Pearl alumna Rasna Bhasin, a fashion blogger who has countless triumphs under her belt at only 22 years of age. What started as a social media and fashion enthusiasm for Rasna turned into a full-fledged social media profession of tweeting, posting, blogging about everything fashion, art and lifestyle related. With 6000+ followers on Instagram, 3000+ followers on Twitter and a website of her own there is no doubt about the influence she has in the industry. The journey started with Twitter opening the doors, giving her access to important people whom she would identify and follow and occasionally get followed back. Soon enough interactions on social media began spilling over into real life after which there was no looking back. Her social media skills translated into her current career in PR.
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  • Meera Ishpunani gets talking on sports luxury apparel in Deccan Heraldmeera

Meera Ishpunani, a fashion designing student at Pearl Academy was recently featured in a story published in Deccan Herald’s lifestyle supplement – Metrolife. The article talked about sportsluxury apparel and how designer luxury is now combining with comfort and practical clothing to form the ultimate trend. Meera was quoted sharing her views on the latest interpretation of luxury sportswear. The latest trend’s comfort along with high-end fashion street style can work both on a formal or informal occasion. This athletic-outfit trend is flaunted regularly by Bollywood actresses like Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone.

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The future for these gifted and radiant Pearlites is limitless to say the least. We hope to bring you more success stories week on week.

Image sources:, Meera’s facebook profile

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