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Journalism Trends to Watch Out For in the Near Future - Pearl Academy

Journalism has always presented itself as an attractive option for youngsters with a strong inclination towards creative writing and also those with an undying thirst for growth. It is an extremely volatile sphere, which has continuously evolved over the ages, ever since its inception as a form of communication. Innovation and technology have changed the way the public views and subsequently consumes content in the form of news, whether we talk about the internet, or the evolution of everyday devices such as mobile phones, televisions, and radios. Some of the trends which may be witnessed in the next 12 months are elaborated below.


Most journalists feel that after print/text, video streaming is the way to go when it comes to journalism. However, it is equally important for them to critically evaluate the impact of audio in the realm of journalism. Some consumers prefer content which they do not need to see or read, much like the old times when they would tune into radios while driving or working. Podcasts, however, are much more personalised. Users can choose which topics they would wish to subscribe, or even specific podcasters they would wish to listen to.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence on social media platforms is one of the prominent examples of how technology is changing the face of journalism. AI records and interprets various consumers’ reading patterns, and likes & dislikes when it comes to news. This allows social media platforms to single-handedly choose what posts/photos should appear, and in what priority, on a user’s social media feed/homepage.

Prevalence of Online Streaming

On a global scale Netflix and Amazon Prime are making waves with top-quality online streaming content – be it in the form of movies, entertainment shows, or news. Similarly, in India, Hotstar has caught the attention of the local audience. These streaming platforms are capturing audiences due to their ease of convenience. Users can visit these platforms whenever they want, that too on multiple devices – either in the form of an application, on a laptop, or even a television.

Social Media’s Nuances

Most of you all must have expected to see the presence of social media at the top of this list. Too many restrictions and legal regulations are on course to kill the entire essence of journalism on social platforms. This trend is likely to continue as global governments are coming down strongly on digital media brands, they are also being compelled to update their content strategy every now and then.

Immersive Journalism

The concepts of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already been witnessed across a host of industries, such as education, healthcare, sports, and gaming. We may eventually see these technologies being applied in journalism as well, they have the potential to make journalism immersive and even more realistic. Important happenings and events can be made realistic through VR and AR.

While we’ve listed a few fast-growing trends in journalism to watch out for, it is also safe to say that it is close to impossible to predict the future of this highly dynamic avenue. At Pearl Academy, we always strive to inculcate contemporary and relevant education in our educational offerings. Aspiring journalists should definitely run through the Mobile Journalism course – a programme curated keeping in mind the ever-changing landscape of journalism.

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