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Jasleen kaur, Inspired from the umbrella theme ‘Makeovers’, and the element ‘Eye Makeup’ - Pearl Academy

She is an extrovert, obsessed with design and its
uniqueness. She is thirsty and hungry for design and finds
pleasure in applying her knowledge of textiles in a multidisciplinary
context, be it in making products or applying it in spaces.
She enjoys conceptualization for feasible concepts that focuses on
detail, functionality, aesthetics, and likes adding sophistication to them.

She is exhibiting her skills of textiles in spaces as her
final graduation project. The highlight of the project being in
research and designing for the makeover’s VIP lounges for the
makeup artists who want to expand and look for the oomph factor
to be in limelight, and want to provide the best class environment
to their clients with their positive and welcoming space decor.

Theme: Makeovers
The designs and color palette is inspired from the
umbrella theme ‘Makeovers’, and the element ‘Eye Makeup’
as the focus and the sub-theme. The surface manipulation
and innovative embroidery techniques are explored in the
collection depicting the mood of an eye makeup and textures.


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