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Jaipur experiences first ever ‘Creative Careers Conclave’ hosted by Pearl Academy - Pearl Academy

Eminent speakers from domains of design, fashion and related businesses enlightened aspiring students on promising future careers

Pearl Academy hosted ‘Creative Careers Conclave’ today at Hotel Ramada, Jaipur, on 2nd February, 2014. The conclave was more of an interactive session, thus helping the students and parents to get more information on future careers in creative fields. The conclave was attended by creatively charged audiences consisting of more than 100 students and their parents wanting to know more about the dynamics of the world of art, design and fashion as an education, career and creative pursuit.

Present at the conclave were some of the esteemed leaders from design, fashion and graphic industry. The panel consisted of ace Fashion Designer Mr. Rohit Kamra; Photographer, Architect and Interior Designer Mr. Shine Bhola; Ms. Anita Dhingra – Owner of Jashan (Manmohan Exports) and Mr. Sunit Jain – Owner of Ratan Textiles. The enthusiastic participation of the inquisitive students was the essence of the conclave where they flooded panelists with their queries. It was an equal thrill for the panelists who responded to each question with detailed explanations enriched with experience, knowledge and guidance.

Enlightening more on this initiative, Mr. Sharad Mehra, CEO, Pearl Academy, said, “Creative Careers Conclave is an interactive platform for the aspiring students who look beyond the conventional careers and want to know more about the immense possibilities in creative industries. Its quest is to help these young, creative minds in finding out their actual interests and making well-informed decisions for their careers with the expertise and knowledge shared by our eminent speakers who have come here today.”

Adding to Mr. Mehra’s views, the campus Director, Mr. Amartya Banerjee also shared that, “The conclave offers students a one stop shop for all their queries on career options and education in the field of design, fashion, and related businesses. Additionally, it’s an eye-opener for the parents who come here with a set of pre-conceived notions but go back with a paradigm shift in their thought process and outlook towards the education/career options for their children. It is certainly not less than an achievement for us that we are informing the society about the new-age careers and their potential; and that they are more than welcoming to accept this change after attending the conclave.”

Delightful to interact with the youngsters at the conclave, Fashion Designer Mr. Rohit Kamra, said, “The millennial generation is smart and cautious in deciding their career preferences. It is always an insightful experience to connect with them directly through conclaves such as Creative Careers Conclave organised by Pearl Academy. While we guide them to choose appropriate careers for them, they also teach us a lot of new things opening our minds to new thoughts and possibilities.”

“Jewellery Designing is growing at a fast pace and is in the need of a neo breed of jewellery designers. Opportunities are ample and now that we have global companies setting up their businesses in India, this sector is extremely potent of providing impressive career options. The first ones, who will dive deeper, will get the pearls! Aspirants have to decide and choose to excel”, said Ms. Anita Dhingra, Owner – Jashan (Jewellery Brand) by Manmohan Exports, throwing more light on the growing jewellery industry in India.

Mr. Sunit Jain, Owner – Ratan Textiles, shared, “The growing purchasing power of the Indian Middle class has created demand for newer products and services, thereby, creating demand for designers both in soft and hard goods. Due to high demand for young designers, this is a very opportune time to choose textile designing as a career and leverage the professional advantage. This conclave is a platform to call-out all the talented designers to follow their passion.”

Inspiring the students to follow their hearts, Mr. Shine Bhola, who himself is a Photographer, Architect and an Interior Designer, said, “One can be anything he wants to be if he has passion for it. There will be challenges but I think that is the beauty of every career or job you opt as only these challenges will decide and define the success of your journey. There is a new learning, new lesson every day which will evolve you as a professional and a human. So, one must follow your dream with passion and commitment.”

One of the parents expressed how today’s generation is well versed with what they want to do in life and how parents must understand and support the aspirations of these creative minds. “I am all set to be more receptive to the ideas of my children after this conclave”, said that parent.

The conclave was well received by all the participants who expressed their interest in future conclave and interactive platforms of similar nature.

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