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“It Is Not About Showing That You Are Doing Well… It’s About the Feeling That Tells You That” - Manish Arora - Pearl Academy

Ace designer Manish Arora visited Pearl Academy, where he shared highlights from his journey as a designer. He was there to deliver a talk which was aimed at instilling fresh zeal and providing clarity of thought to young Pearlites. The event also marked the collaboration of Manish Arora with the E-commerce fashion store catering to the western clothing needs of fashionable men and women across India. The talk was moderated by Nonita Kalra, Editor Harper Bazaar.

Nonita initiated the conversation by narrating definitive events from Manish’s life- his college days, first Paris Fashion Week, collaborations with MAC and Swatch etc, which was followed by a dialogue between Pearlites and the designer.

The inquisitive Pearlites had many interesting queries relating to both life and work. Manish addressed each query with full enthusiasm and advised the young minds to stay in tune with global happenings and infuse the same in their creations to stay relevant in dynamic times. Manish also candidly talked about why he does not prefer bringing celebrities on the ramp to highlight his creations, unlike many of his contemporaries. Manish believes that the designs and creations are the ‘Hero’ of any fashion show and all resources should be focused towards bringing them to the spotlight.

The talk took a philosophical turn when Manish shared his thoughts on material aspect of life. He went on to explain the detached attitude he maintains with material possessions and how he has built his own definition of happiness and choosing to reject the parameters created by the society to measure it, defining happiness not as an act that needs to be validated by others but to be only experienced within. He evoked the young minds to not fall prey to these shackles but rather carve their own niche and work on developing their own individuality.

Lastly, Manish dwelled upon the distinction between excitement and inspiration, where he went on to say that excitement is one which is easily found in today’s generation while they are lacking in inspiration. He stresses upon the vitality of right inspiration in any artist’s work.

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