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Importance of Quality and its effectiveness at Auric by Anshul Puri - Pearl Academy

Anshul Puri


This project is aims at understanding importance of quality and how effective is it within the company. A process of quality control has to be followed by the manufacturer so quality goods can be shipped as the buyer has certain norms and parameters in terms of quality .The lack of quality control can lead to rejections and delay in shipment.

Objectives and Research Method

1. To understand the importance and working of quality control department at Auric Merchandising Services
2. Find the reason behind actual delay and cancellation of shipment
Secondary source used was inspection reports of the previous styles which went into production for fall winter 2011. While conducting inspections certain problems were observed which could have been averted, for this a study on styles was conducted which were into production for the season spring summer 2012


Lack of quality control in the suppliers unit where the production for Auric merchandising services was taking place, this was leading to delay and rejections of shipment.


1. Quality Control is an important aspect when a shipment is shipped to a buyer
2. Effective quality control can help to identify problem while production in initial stages
A quality control department has to be set up in the unit of present suppliers where the production for Auric Merchandising Services is taking place so the problems relating to quality issues can be identified at the initial stages itself.

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