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Immersive Creative Learning Framework - Academic Roadmap For 2020 - Pearl Academy

It has been rightly said that one should never let a crisis go waste. Extraordinary times like these need extraordinary solutions to address questions related to the education of the students. How will institutes cope up with the after-effects of COVID-19? Do they need to think online first or should learn to strike the right balance between on-campus and off-campus teaching? The academic team of Pearl Academy has developed a holistic Immersive-Creative-Learning Framework (ICLF) as a response to these questions.

Pearl Academy’s ICLF consists of pre-semester learning, enhanced (online) learning and intense (face-to-face) learning for the July-December academic cycle. However, it can be adapted for long-term implementation because it is semester-based and module-based.

Professor Nandita Abraham, President, Pearl Academy, explains, “Pear Academy’s ICLF is an extension of our advanced pedagogy that focuses on 360 degree learning in terms of knowledge, practical experience and skills. Keeping the circumstances in mind, ICLF consists of virtual classes in the first half of the academic year 2020 and face-to-face classes on campus in the later part of the year”.

Pre-semester Learning
Pre-semester learning is for the students who have enrolled this year at Pearl Academy and is designed to make them comfortable with the new ways of learning in the virtual world. It will be conducted fully online and begins from July 1, 2020. It includes four modules, which are ‘Around the world in 60 days’, ‘Whose class is it now?’, ‘Socially plugged’ and ‘Create a new world’. While each module has a specific objective, the intent is to induct the new students to the world of creative practices, generate curiosity in them and make their learning process immersive yet enjoyable.

Enhanced Online Learning
For existing students the first semester of the academic year 2020 will begin from August 1 and for the new students it will commence from September 1. There will be online classes, webinars, masterclasses as per the curriculum and personalized mentoring sessions as per a student’s needs. Pearl Academy will also provide them with essentials like ‘Study from home’ kit to create a home studio. It will include essentials for a fashion class, editing software and apps or drawing tablets based on the requirement of the semester. This initiative will ensure that students do not miss on practical projects and hands-on experiences due to lack of resources.

Intense, face-to-face learning
On-campus classes will begin from October 1, and it will be the intense phase of the semester. Classes will be conducted all days of the week; there will be extra practical hours and studio hours, two full shifts a day and reduced winter break. The Pearl Academy campuses will open with all safety precautions in place as per the government guidelines. However, online classes will also be conducted for students who are unable to or do not want to attend on-campus classes.

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