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If spaces could talk, what would they say? - Pearl Academy

– Submitted by Surbhi Jain, School of Communication, Media & Film, Level 3, Pearl Academy-

Talking Spaces is an initiative taken by the level-3 students and faculty of Experience Design at Pearl Academy. It was an interesting and interactive morning, where we hosted our guests Mr. Iftikhar Mulk Chisti, Mr. Amardeep Behl and Ms Nidhi Kukreja, renowned people in the area of spatial design. It was indeed a morning full of inspiring and motivating talks and display of work.

Professor Chisti spoke about the ideology of design motivating us “ to look within ourselves, to introspect, and create design” which would not only help us realize our potentials but bring it to a realm of functionality. To encourage students into a problem solving and goal oriented approach he led the students through a simple rule “ learn to live and sleep with your problems and trust your dreams”.

Mr. Behl showcased some awe-inspiring work, which truly motivated us and left us quite awestruck. It was indeed very insightful and has certainly awakened a spirit of creativity within us. In his words “ volume is the soul of space and space is my palette “. His display of work in the field of museums and sets helped the students gain a more practical approach to the industry.

Ms Kukreja, our young alumni spoke about visual merchandising in the real world. It was yet another motivating talk and explained us the working of the visual merchandising industry.

The audience enjoyed these conversations, which continued well beyond the stimulated time. The students belonging to the initial levels of their graduation as well as the ones who are ready to step into the industry gained a great level of insight and knowledge from this event. We do hope we are able to engage in more such activities led by our faculty, school heads and the students.

The event was a combined effort of Ms Deepti Pant, Ms Lolita Dutta and Mr. Manas Barua and the students of level 3 experience design, Aanchal Arora and Surbhi Jain.


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