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How to Ensure Job-Readiness While in Lockdown - Pearl Academy

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Fear and uncertainty due to coronavirus have created a sense of anxiety and panic for several students who are getting ready for the workforce. Under these circumstances, it is not easy for you to stay calm and prepare for their interviews or jobs. At the same time, the industry post coronavirus will witness a change in talent acquisition, and skills in innovation, creativity and agility will reign strong. Staying industry-relevant will be a potent factor in landing your dream job, and companies will be on a lookout for talent that can help in reviving them post this pandemic.

Here are a few things that will help you up your ante in getting job-ready amidst this lockdown:

Embrace the art of learning and working remotely

You should harness the power of several professional courses that institutions of higher learning are offering amid the lockdown. For students ready for placements, it is equally important to participate actively in skill-building activities. These will not only help you to increase their knowledge of their subjects of interest but will also add relevant skills to your resume. Additionally, this shows that you are a person who is keen and able to learn irrespective of the constraints.

You should also understand the work from home concept and the changes in expectations that the industry will have. You should be open to a new flexible work structure and show your keenness to be a part of the team that helps the organisation put itself back on track.

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Gain expertise and differentiate yourself by taking on practical projects

There is joy in delving and discovering things with a practical approach. Polishing practical skills become even more crucial for students who are ready to make their debut. Participate in design sprints, hackathons, online research projects or community work. These experiences will help you stay abreast of issues in the entire process so that you can understand construction better and innovate at the same time. Skills like these will help them to have the edge over others while appearing for job interviews.

Stay positive and connected

The uncertainty of this period can lead to issues of anxiety, loneliness and even depression for many. When preparing for job interviews, it becomes crucial for students to strive for mental well-being. A calm and happy mind will help in presentations during the interview sessions and showcase their creative work. Students should remember that the maximum impact of a portfolio depends on its presentation during the interview. In the case of acute anxiety or loneliness call for immediate help from a counsellor or mental healthcare professional.

Build relationships with your mentors

Keeping in touch with their mentor during this phase of placements is essential for students. Although there are challenges with the students and their mentors operating virtually, one must take out time and harness the benefits of platforms like Blackboard Collaborate to stay in touch. Mentors are aware of the ground reality, hence seeking their knowledge would keep students abreast of the on-going shifts and changes in the industry. Mentors will be able to guide you and help you make the right decisions.

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Use the opportunity to innovate towards a sustainable future

There are no boundaries to explore innovation and creativity while working on projects. The role of designers and innovators holds more relevance in these times than ever before. COVID 19 and the repercussions of this global malady has posed a greater responsibility of finding sustainable solutions for a bright future. The contribution of students in ensuring the betterment of communities is essential. Therefore, students in the fields of design and innovation should make sure they participate in and create projects that will help in uplifting society from this pandemic.

Make the most of the time given to you

The best way to learn is to experience something!
Use this period to reflect, evaluate your goals and make the best decisions of your life!

This article was first published on Medium.

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