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How bloggers can choose the right niche and platform! - Pearl Academy

When I started blogging it was just a way to express myself and to find an escape from the everyday mundanity. Since I was working in a country where not a lot of people understood English, it was difficult for me to share my thoughts and daily stories with someone. So, I started writing a blog and shared my experience of living in a new place and what they can do when they visit there. For me, it was not that difficult to start with because it was something that I loved doing and there was no such competition at that time.

But, today when there is a lot of competition in every field of blogging, I believe choosing a niche, and the right platform is critical for anyone who wants to make a career out of blogging. New bloggers are coming up every day and using all the tips and tricks to build their authority. So, to put your voice out and bring credibility to your blog, you must establish authority over a topic and be the maestro of that field. Also, along with choosing the niche, one must also choose the right platform for their blogs. For me, it’s Instagram, I run a travel and fashion blog, and I get maximum engagement on Instagram, so that is the platform I emphasise on and work accordingly. Similarly, for someone who wants to be a tech blogger, Twitter is the platform to increase their reach.

Choosing the right platform is not easy but can be done with the help of numerous tools available online. Having the knowledge about what your audience wants and their likes, a blogger can build the content accordingly and amplify their reach in short span.

Recently we were invited by Pearl Academy for the launch of the school of media and journalism. We were part of a panel discussion on future of blogging along with Naina Redhu, Riaan George – Urban Eye, Sukhneet Wadhwa – Ms Coco Queen, Amit Bhawani – Phone Radar & Abhijeet Mukherjee – Guiding Tech, here is the full video.

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