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From rack to the fitting room, from simple to classy, Hermes luxury boutique drove the Luxury Brand Management students crazy. Pearl Academy organised a visit to the Hermès store for all the students to witness an exhibition.
Hermes in Mumbai is the first standalone luxury boutique, situated under the arches of the historic Horniman Circle. The building is a 150-year-old structure situated right in front of the historic Asiatic library. The ones visiting there can automatically get a feel of a combination of modern and vintage excellence which is not just alluring but inspiring as well.
The luxurious boutique embodies a confident, savvy and a high-end style that is trendy. It has an expansive space that features a shoe salon, exotic lounge and attires wardrobe in addition to an array of product offerings including accessories, intimates, home decor and furniture, beauty products and gifts.
Whether one is royal, simple, daringly dramatic or edgy chic, Hermes won’t let you go without a smile on your face. Shoppers can discover new designers that are bound to leave a mark of style.
To experience the same feel, Pearl Academy offered an opportunity to their students to explore excellence through an exhibition.

The exhibition was titled ‘Fierce and Fragile: Big Cats in the Art of Robert Dallet’. The Parisian luxury house and Panthera, the global wild cat conservation, organised the real presentation of the works of the ace French creature, painter Robert Dallet on his tenth death anniversary. The exhibition celebrated the beauty big cats and a call to protect their wild populations for generations to come. The display had approximately sixty of the artist’s paintings, drawings and sketches illustrating the eight big cat species: tiger, lion, leopard, cheetah, cougar, jaguar, snow leopard and clouded leopard and offered an in-depth look at the science and biology of the big cats while examining the conservation challenges the animals face today. The paintings even had the actual voices of the animals being displayed embedded in them which could be heard upon pressing a button.
Stunning black and white work crafted with various oils and ink that made them look lively. “It seemed as if the cats are in motion, sipping from a stream or bounding down a mountain,” a student said. Though few of them were looking at the tremendously perfect artwork, whereas some were busy decoding the exact eye-colour of certain cats, whether it was golden or cool blue-grey since they were truly lifelike.
After having a look at these artworks, the students interacted with the store manager who shared insights about various products and the importance of luxury artwork.
The store manager also helped them to know about the brand who explained the product and its features in detail.
The students were mesmerised with the large-scale luxury industry. To be more specific the learnings were about:
– Understanding the aesthetics of the brand
– How the brand maintains its brand image
– Importance of details in Luxury
– Importance of good communication
– Importance of craftsmanship
– The connect of art of Luxury
– Understanding the artist’s perspective
The project turned out to be a great success as it helped the students to broaden their perspective about the scale, scope and reach of the luxury industry and what makes luxury stand apart from the ordinary. Pearl Academy, strongly believes in an experiential learning process and hence gives industry exposure a central place in the curriculum.

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