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Here's how Bollywood Shone at Cannes 2019: A Photostory - Pearl Academy

The most feted event in the cinematic calendar year, the Cannes Film Festival just concluded. The mega high-profile event threw light on some of the amazing films in store for all movie fanatics and ended up attracting the presence of the most acclaimed and coveted movie celebrities to promote their films from all corners of the globe. This event definitely served as a visual treat for all – be it the ones passionate about filmmaking or even the fashion lovers waiting to check out the chic and flashy outfits on display during the event.

The festival concluded on 25th May, just a few days ago and while we all miss the gorgeous beach views, film reviews, and gorgeous red carpet snaps, it is now time to talk about some of our very own Bollywood stars who took our breath away – at least when it came to fashion.

Deepika Padukone

Arguably the most glamorous name in Bollywood in today’s age, Deepika Padukone marked her presence at Cannes with four eye-catching and bold looks on the red carpet. In the past, Deepika has known to keep her looks minimalistic, or as detractors would term it – ‘boring’, however at this event, with one of her looks, Deepika made a resounding fashion statement by simply swaying out of her comfort zone. Draped in a gauzy lime green Giambattista Valli gown, along with her hair tied up in a chic pink turban. By pulling off this unprecedented look, she definitely made sure all eyes were on her and for all the right reasons.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor may not be considered as the leading woman in the industry when it comes to her acting skills, however, no one can doubt her capabilities and potential when gracing the red carpet with her presence. Sonam brought out a host of outfits at Cannes – each emphasising on a distinct and bright colour. The most charming look she sported during the day was a sharp purple gown designed by the globally renowned designer Elie Saab. She accessorised the bold gown with diamond studs, a creation of Chopard Jewellery. To further amplify the impact of her look, she styled her hair in a sleek pony which further highlighted her status as one of the most prominent fashion names in the Bollywood industry.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The 45-year-old Bollywood Diva is more or less synonymous with the word fashion in the Bollywood Industry. The timeless actress has regularly attended the Cannes Film Festival for nearly 17 years now, raising her standards with each appearance. This year, with one of her looks, the Devdas actress opted for an out of the box denim on denim look. Not many would expect a celebrity to sport a denim look at Cannes, but Aishwarya seamlessly pulled off this look without any effort. She donned a pair of denim jeans along with a plain and classy white top on top of which she threw in an ornamented denim cape. She concluded the look with bright red lips and, of course, black sunglasses to maintain the elegance of her outfit. Aishwarya’s stylist, Aastha Sharma is a Pearl Academy alumni, it is heartening to see the international impact and application of the education imparted to our students.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one of the leading headline makers in Indian media for her feisty fashion choices – amongst a host of other reasons. At Cannes this year, the Manikarnika actress cemented her status as of the divas of Bollywood by hand-picking a fish cut ivory gown designed by Michale Cino. Living up to her royal reputation, Kangana partially braided her hair with subtle facial make-up and added a dash of extra colour to her outfit with lilac earrings from Chopard.

At Pearl Academy, since a prominent chunk of our educational values revolve around the sphere of fashion, it is rather relevant to stay up-to-date with current fashion norms and trends on display at international events. The leading ladies of Bollywood have continuously thrown our nations name in the limelight for all the positive reasons. As fashion enthusiasts, it is beneficial to notice and applaud the world of fashion, and at Pearl Academy, we try to imbibe this interest and enthusiasm for fashion in our students as well. Are you ready to see the world of fashion in a different light just like Aastha Sharma, then click here.

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