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Hear Experts Speak - Pearl Academy

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Here’s an unparalleled opportunity for all school students out there. Are you guys ready to take it?

Pearl Academy presents ‘Expert Speak’, a 3-city event, at our campuses in Delhi, Noida, and Jaipur, where you will get your chance to gain enlightenment and listen to some of the most creative minds from the industry. They will speak about trends, best practices, career opportunities, and more.  

The Delhi and Noida events are now over and they were a huge success, thanks to everyone who made it there. In case you missed out on the above events, there is still a chance for you to catch the experts at our Jaipur campus where we’ll be available till the 23rd of December.

Along with that there’s a very special test of the likes that you’ve never taken before. The ‘Pearl Aptitude Test’ or PAT is designed for you to get your personalised career potential profile. It’s a simple test through you would be able to ease the process of figuring out the best study and career path for yourself.

PAT is based on Howard Earl Gardner’s study, which suggested that we do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many different intelligences including musical, interpersonal, kinesthetic, intrapersonal, spatial-visual and linguistic intelligences. This test will help you realise what kinds of intelligence you possess and what strengths you have. It is the ideal way to gauge your intelligence and figure out the best path for your future that helps you become a stronger individual. Know more about Gardner’s study here:

Take the Pearl Aptitude Test at our Jaipur campus and in case you can’t take it this time, worry not, we’ll announce future dates to take PAT soon. Stay tuned.

Register for Expert Speak here: or call us at 1800 103 3005(Toll Free)

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