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Get up and get going by Manik Madan - Pearl Academy

‘Procrastination’ – Many of us are fully aware of this terminology but very few work on this to shed off this destructive habit. In a nutshell, you procrastinate when you put off things that you should be focusing on right now, usually in favour of doing something that is more enjoyable or that you’re more comfortable doing.

Procrastination is not a chronic disease; it is something which we all tend to do at some point in our lives due to various reasons including unpleasant nature of the job, disorganized habits of individuals, underdeveloped decision making skills are some of the few things which we suffer from.

Manik Madan, Communication design student of Pearl Academy took Procrastination as his final project for the 8th semester of his B.A. (Hon.) degree. His aim behind the project is to help people in overcoming procrastination and complete their tasks by inspiring and motivating them with exciting rewards while minimalizing the distractions and develop a control over them.

He wants to change the attitude of people who generally make excuses like “I’ll do it later,” “I’m very good at getting things done at the last minute,” “I’m too uptight to do this now,” etc. are some of such tricks used by slackers.

Manik came up with a mobile app called “Caspur”, which is designed to help users to overcome the problem of Procrastination and instigate the right habits in an individual at the professional level.

With advent of technology, smartphones has become a part of our daily lives and being the most portable and convenient medium, it is easy to reach a wider audience with a mobile application.

Caspur as an app doesn’t just remind you about your important work with constant reminder but also motivates you, inspire you, encourage you to perform the task with best of your abilities. Every time a user successfully accomplishes a task, he/she will earn unique rewards in form of discount coupons, freebies, special benefits, etc. This key reward system will work as an extra motivation for all the users and will engage more with them.

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