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Futuristic Apparels - Smart, Hi-tech, High on Design, Interactive and Innovative - Pearl Academy

google-levisThe world of fashion is on the threshold of a historic revolution; we have already started witnessing it. We are talking about Futuristic Apparels – not mere garments but smart, hi-tech, high on design, interactive and innovative garments. The burgeoning field of fashionable technology has spawned a new generation of researchers and designers who are concentrating on the intersection of aesthetics and functionality to realize a stylish and intelligent vision for the future of their industry. This integration of science and technology into textiles has given birth to a new range of textiles and clothing known as smart textiles and interactive clothing. If you are an alpha techno freak who is looking forward to explore and own such advanced clothes, here is a sneak-peek into the future of tech smart clothes for your delight:

The latest innovation in this segment is by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group which is working with Levi’s to develop interactive fabrics that would allow the wearer to use their phones just by tapping or swiping their clothes. This is just the beginning of project ‘JACQUARD’ which has a potential of promising bigger things in the future to come.

*Courtesy: CNET

Next in the list are the Smart Workout clothes which are designed for all the health freaks who want to keep a tab on their daily workout regime. By wearing such apparels, one can measure his muscle effort, heart rate, breathing rate, calories burnt and various other important features too. Tempted!! Know more: Courtesy – KQED/Christina Farr


The Social Media bug has bitten everybody irrespective of age, nationality, gender, etc. Capitalizing on this new rage, the designers had worked on a garment that displayed tweets and this happened back in 2012. During an event, Nicole Scherzinger (The X Factor famed singer) was basking in all the limelight by flaunting this twitter dress which instantly became a hit among the youngsters because of its unique concept and the social media appeal. Now that’s literally walking the talk!

*Courtesy: Zoomin.TV World News

Well! This was just a prelude to what’s lurking in the future. With new inventions in Bio-engineering, Nano Technology and 3D Scanning Techniques, expect umpteen innovations in textile and fashion industries in the years to come. It will be an amazing and one-of-its kind journey. Are you ready for it?


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