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Five things about photography that everyone should know - Pearl Academy

PPThe popular saying these days is, “Everyone with a camera on their Smartphone is a photographer.” Then there’s the other one that goes like “Anyone with a DSLR is a photographer.” If you’ve been clicking pictures lately or for the first time on your phone or DSLR, you’ve most definitely heard these two somewhere. But then, you keep taking pictures and all your friends and family keep appreciating your work when you share them online or in the real world. That’s because you observe the world carefully, wait for the pause and in that moment capture something fleeting that others blink and miss.

There are many paths to becoming a good photographer. You could become an assistant to an established professional, learn a few tips and tricks online or learn through trial and error. But, nothing can replace working in a dark room and sitting through a few weeks of learning about the medium in theory from a professional photographer. It’s like music, some play by note and others play by ear.

There’s really a lot to learn about photography in theory and in practice but if you’re already doing a few things from the list below then you’re halfway there.

Borrow a camera from someone and play with it for a while.

Chances are your aunt, uncle; parent or sibling bought a camera and left it in the attic safely because they’re not using it anymore. Found it? Good. Now just go through the manual and the settings on the camera and take a few pictures around your home and the neighborhood.

Don’t look for the obvious while composing a picture.

Landscapes, sunsets, clouds and bokeh at night. We’ve all seen that before and so have you. Try to observe people, activities and shiny happy things and faces around you. There’s always something happening around that you can catch or miss altogether. Try to look beyond the obvious, break the stereotypes and look for interesting yet informative things to take pictures of.

Spend ample and quality time around your subject.

Your subject is never the same. The light changes just like the weather. One minute your subject seems picture-perfect and the next your frame could be a perfect-storm. There are many factors that go into creating a perfect picture. Try to spend more time in the area or around the subject and capture things from every possible angle to get the best shot.

Search for neutral light.

Without getting too technical, you should know that on days when it’s a little cloudy or a lot, you will able to capture some breathtaking photographs aided by the help of the mother Nature. Don’t worry much about it, just keep the camera on manual or auto and shoot away.

Join a neighborhood photography club.

A neighborhood photography club is one of the best places to meet people, make friends, share your ideas and learn from experienced photographers. What’s more, these clubs always have events and that means a new subject to focus upon. Add workshops to the mix and you’ve got a whole new platform to brush up a new skill or pursue a long cherished hobby.

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