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Fashion styling: Do you have the gift? - Pearl Academy

entrepreneurship- for blogSome people have a flair for fashion. They love browsing through fashion magazines, and reading blogs and books. Shopping is not about buying clothes; it’s about doing justice to each accessory or piece of clothing. It involves pairing, matching and accentuating works to create art. If you are someone who can relate to this, fashion styling could be the perfect career for you.

Today, fashion and style are not for the rich and famous alone. People are increasingly conscious of how they present themselves every day – at work, at an event or at a casual outing. As they try to achieve that perfect look, the demand for stylists is growing.

Fashion stylists assist their clients in improving how they present themselves in ways that create maximum impact. Publishing companies, corporations, celebrities, political leaders, fashion stores and labels, modelling agencies, advertising firm, event management agencies and retail stores all need stylists. It’s no surprise that fashion styling is one of the most popular emerging professions globally.

Some skills that you must have to become a stylist.

  • Passion for fashion: The profession is about creating an image for your client that is fashionable and impactful. Therefore, you should have a keen eye for trends and labels.
  • Colour and design sense: Fashion is all about style, colours, patterns and designs. A strong sense of these is key to achieving the look you are aiming for.
  • Understanding different body types: A stylist deals with different people, body types and face shapes. An understanding of how to work with them is important.
  • Be organised: Like in any creative profession, organisational skills are needed. You have to able to work on a schedule and be self-motivated.
  • Patience is a virtue: Dealing with different kinds of people and allowing your expertise to come through can be difficult. Patience will help you deal with situations better and enable your creativity to shine.
  • Be well groomed at all times: Everyone observes what a fashion stylist wears – to either judge them or learn from them. Potential clients will not be interested only in what you say; they will observe your own styling. You have to look impressive.
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