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Enter Re-design Challenge and let your design thinking soar to new heights - Pearl Academy


Take a look around you. There’s design in everything you see, touch and feel. It’s in your cup of coffee, your pavement on the way to school or college, in your backpack and the way it carries your entire world and even on your table where you work for hours or have lunch for ten minutes. At some point in time, there was a designer who put pen to paper to make life easy and accessible for everyone. But, design is not a destination, it is a journey of discovery and lets the world know what your sensibilities are and how you think exactly. It’s a tool that you put to use when you want to marry great ideas with creativity and innovation.

If you are a budding designer, you’ll know almost immediately in the kind of projects you submit in school or college or how you solve problems. To unleash the closet designer in you, we’ve launched the Pearl Academy Redesign Challenge. This is a Golden opportunity for young and creative school and college students to showcase their design skills and thinking online on our specially created platform. This 4 month long eagerly awaited creative challenge was launched on 21st August and has great themes for students but the difficulty levels will vary from theme to theme.

Let’s take a look at the 4 themes now

Re-take:  Take pictures with a fresh perspective.

Have you taken a few pictures lately that you’re happy with? Can the photographer in you see what others can’t? Can you create magic with pictures with your understanding of angles, light and space? Well, this theme is just for you. So, pick up your camera and get clicking.

Re-brand: Imagine your favourite celebrity in a different avatar.

Just think if someone from your favourite pirate movie was in a tuxedo or what would a star from your favourite TV show look like if he or she were wearing sports gear. Has your imagination already started running wild? Don’t stop.

Re-play: Add a new twist to your favourite game to transform it.

Can there be more levels in your favourite sci-fi game? Could you add more difficulty levels to Jenga and other games that require your analytical skills and mind? Or do you want to recreate your favourite board game? The field is open, go ahead and create!

Re-cycle: Use old material to create something totally new and innovative.

Ever heard of creating treasure out of trash? Use old objects to make something totally new and appealing. This is the perfect opportunity for you to put obsolete material to good use and showcase your talent.

Winners get noticed in the fraternity and stand a chance to win one of 32 cameras

There will be 8 monthly winners who will be chosen every month – 4 school winners and 4 college winners for every theme. At the end of the contest 2 grand winners will be chosen by our jury consisting of pearl faculty

The Top Ten

Young designers have already joined the race and here’s where you can take a look, vote for their entries or view your own. Click here.

Vote for your favourites

Click here to vote for your favourite entries or to see where your entry stands in the competition.

 Our terms and conditions apply

Read up on all the rules that apply to this challenge and be in the know. Check out this section.

The Grand Prize is waiting to be yours

The grand winner will be awarded a DSLR camera and this could be you. Enter today. Don’t wait for the last round of submissions.

Know a creative friend or have someone in your family with a whole lot of love for design? Share this challenge with them and ask them to get cracking! Get started now.

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