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Enter a world of privilege: Become a luxury brand manager - Pearl Academy

Managing a brand requires an innovative mind coupled with marketing and PR skills. Brand management as a career option has been around for almost two and a half decades now. However, this is a relatively new entrant in the career market. One gets to work in a fast-paced, challenging and vibrant space and the glamour quotient is, no doubt, quite enticing to students and aspiring candidates. Luxury brand management is not about managing a product of a particular brand but marketing the brand itself.
However, a career in this sector is not all about the glamour attached to it. One needs to be well versed in the marketing, design, PR, logistics, finance and so on. One has to define, position and deliver the brand to potential customers in such a way that the customer is won over. One might have the aptitude but the core skills needed here have to be acquired. This is where luxury brand management courses come into play. These courses impart knowledge on specific skills regarding marketing, business and managerial qualities that enables one to manage luxury brands.

Today, with global luxury brands making an entry into the Indian market, especially in metros like Mumbai and New Delhi, there is an urgent need for fresh talent to manage this space. Hi-end cars, apparel, jewellery, wines, resorts, spa services, fashion accessories, watches, have taken the Indian market by storm. A luxury brand manager has to understand the history of the brand and its values. Courses offered by institutes are tailor made to impart all this and more. Some institutes offer online luxury management courses while others have short courses on this subject. This is convenient for many who are hard pressed for time.

However, there are very few certified luxury management courses from good institutes that one can choose from in the country though this is a common course in most European colleges. But, fortunately, most institutes seem to be waking up to this reality and are either offering or are on the verge of offering such courses. But Mumbai and New Delhi in India are good places to come to if one wishes to pursue a career in this line. There are some institutes in both these places that offer global luxury brand management courses. Some of these courses are short or part-time courses, which students can pursue along with other interests. Even working people keen to join this industry can apply for such courses. Online courses on luxury brand management are also ideal for working people and students who wish to take this up but have time constraints.

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