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Emerging Career Scope in Design - Pearl Academy

“Design is where science and art break even.” – Robin Mathew. For someone who looks at an object or space not just to understand its functionality, but to enhance it and make it better, Design might be an ideal vocation.

A designer is someone who conceptualises and creates design solutions from scratch. These solutions are not only creative but designed specifically to make tasks easier. They take a problem and create solutions that are beyond just functionality, increasing its efficiency and visual appeal.

What does a Designer do?

In the broad sense, a designer creates and improves products, spaces, communication, and solutions but what exactly does it entail?

A designer begins with conceptualising a design solution and making the initial sketch. These sketch designs could be on paper or using a software such as AutoCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and many others. They meet clients and discuss the design brief and make a prototype or sample for better understanding. They also keep in touch with the latest trends, industry standards, design influences, and knowledge about different materials. They correct faults or shortcomings in an existing product, space, or communication, to make it more appealing to the consumer. They also ensure all safety protocols are maintained and the functionality of the product or design is not affected. They may also work in a team, liaising with engineers and the marketing department about the production processes and the commercial aspects.

Career Path
Designers have a myriad of established and emerging career options.

Design Strategist
A Design Strategist solves complex problems addressing innovation, change management, brand definition, customer experience, and other areas. They execute projects as a collaborative leader, together with team members and clients.

Accessory & Jewellery Designer
An accessory designer is responsible for conceptualizing and creating a range of products that compliments an environment, costume or object. The designers study trends, sketch designs and work in fashion products such as jewellery pieces, handbags, belts, scarves, hair accessories, footwear etc

Game Animator
Game Animators combine art and technology to create interactive animated images and environments for video games. Games Animators are responsible for the portrayal of movement and behaviour within a game.

Exhibition Designer
An exhibition designer is like an architect of the event. They work with large exhibitions, trade shows, museums, galleries, etc. and create displays and fixtures for the event. They are also in charge of the supplies related to the event.

Furniture Designer
As the name suggests, furniture designers are employed by interior designers or furniture companies to create different types of furniture. This has become a popular occupation amongst product designers due to the rise of various trends such as minimalism or space-saving furniture.

Product and Industry Researcher
This is a broad vocation in which product designers work in tandem with the marketing, brand, and R&D department in creating and improving upon products to suit the needs of their users. They exclusively design products that will be sought after by the target audience.

Interior and Spatial Designer
Interior and Spatial Designers are responsible for the design and renovation of internal spaces, be it a home or a commercial place. This includes furnishings, fixtures and fittings, structural alterations, light and colour scheme, developing the ‘mood’ of the space, etc.

Colour Technician
A colour technician applies colour technology to various applications such as textile, paper, cosmetics, food, medical products, furnishings and dyes. They are responsible for the concept design and involved in the manufacturing process, testing and quality, safety protocols, and working with the supply chain.

Graphics Designer
A graphics designer works with a variety of channels such as magazines, books, websites, advertising, posters, computer games and product packaging. They help increase the visual appeal of the products and services, by adding graphics and animation. A graphics designer needs to have a creative flair and be up to date on various software needed for their projects.

All in all, Design is an exciting field for making a career today, especially for those with a creative and analytic flair.


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