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Don’t let your Diwali Home Decorations cost a bomb - Pearl Academy

You know Diwali is just around the corner, when the entire city is lit up. Colourful lanterns shining bright outside every door, those pretty twinkling lights hung in different patterns on windows. Bustling streets, beautifully decorated houses and endless celebrations also inspire us to get ready for the biggest festival of India.

But, Diwali decorations can be a tough task. To get everything right, from the shape and number of Diyas to the Rangoli and the colour of lights. With budget overflowing and expenses at peak, you need to pick what’s best yet pocket-friendly to transform your house into a stunner.

Think you can achieve that? Yes, No or Maybe? Then read on to know how you can do just that.

DIY Lanterns

You don’t need a creative streak in you to make some stunning Diwali lanterns on your own. Pick some colourful papers, paper cups, embellishments and strings to experiment with different styles and patterns. For ideas, you can simply search on the internet for articles, blogs and videos. Make many tiny ones or a pretty big lantern to brighten up your doorway this Diwali. It won’t cost you much and you can always take pride in creating something so colourful on your own.

Simple yet beautiful Diyas

We all love to light up as many diyas as possible in our house during Diwali. Every year, we buy diyas that come in various new designs and patterns. Some have sparkle on them and some have intricate stone work. No matter how pretty they are, they get worn out in a couple of days. This time around, go for simple brown ones. Not only do they add an earthy look to your decorations but can also be decorated in your own way. Sprinkle some sparkles over them or paint them with the brightest of colours. Decorate your house by lining up these diyas on your window sill or around your rangoli.

Go sober with lights

Diwali is all about lights but this time make it more about the diyas than electric lamps or lights. Pick one or two colourful electric lights and make patterns with it on your window or simply stick it along the frame of your door. You can always compliment these lights with little candle lamps and even DIY lanterns.

 What’s a Diwali without Rangoli?

Diwali decorations without a beautiful Rangoli are incomplete. Skip those expensive flowers and readymade Rangolis that dig a hole in your wallet. Get yourself bright Rangoli powders from the market and make a simple yet elegant design near your doorstep. You don’t need to be an expert, you can use various plastic stencils available in market to make your task easier. For more inspiration, you can explore online on Youtube and in many other blogs.


Add more light

Along with Diyas, you can even light candles to add extra warmth and vivacity to your Diwali celebrations. Instead of fancy or expensive candles, you can try simple multi-coloured ones which are enough to make an impression. You can also jazz up the plain candles with little sparkle and unused embellishments of your own. Make your centre table look attractive by choosing the floating candles that you can put in a bowl of water with some flower petals. Candle lanterns are also a good choice to add an attractive appeal to your house.

With these many ideas on your plate, you sure are going to find some extra happiness in your wallet that you can spend on gifts, clothes and shopping.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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