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The intriguing story behind Louis Vuitton

We’ve all dreamed of owning an uber-chic LV handbag, or even fantasized about setting up our own fashion empire like the timeless luxury brand when feeling ambitious.

But have you heard the story about the French fashion house and how it became known for the most prestigious, high-end suitcases and bags? The mastermind, Louis Vuitton, traveled to Paris on foot as a young boy, to transform the baggage industry. Soon enough, he started apprenticing for trunk-maker Monsieur Maréchal, learning new skills and tricks of the trade.

Closing the market gap for sturdy suitcases during a time when baggage was roughly handled, he designed the perfect trunk that could keep the items secure. He soon shot to fame for designing custom trunks for affluent clients.

After 17 years, he would go ahead and start his own company with 20 odd employees. It was then that he brought revolutionary innovations to his luggage. For instance, to counter theft, which was very prominent in those days, he designed an unpickable lock. His legacy continues to inspire millions of designers. So, what are some of the lessons that can be learned through his tale?

1. Perseverance
Even as a young boy, he didn’t let obstacles come in the way of his success. Born in less-than-ideal circumstances, he had managed to write his own fate and went on to make history. Today, perseverance is almost a necessity. To achieve our goals, a persistent go-getter attitude is a must.

2. Innovation
One thing that set his luggage apart from the rest was his ability to innovate and bring fresh ideas to the table. After learning the basic skills, it’s important to use imagination and creativity to create something different that can make an impact on the lives of the people.

3. Reinvention
Louis Vuitton might have been just another luggage brand whose name would have faded over the years had it not been for his ability to reinvent in the face of adversity. As many challenges that he faced, his solution only made the brand and its products even better than before. For example, when counterfeits to his luggage started popping up due to its popularity, he promptly changed his canvas design to ward off plagiarism. This led to the creation of the iconic LV print we know and love. Therefore, it’s crucial to continuously improve to maintain the uniqueness and originality in your work. You never know, it might lead to a life-changing Eureka moment.

4. Adaptability
The biggest strength the trunk-master had was his ability to discern the market gap and accordingly change his products to adapt to people’s needs. He was able to derive insights by looking at the challenges people faced and brought the perfect solution at the perfect time. Along with this, he always kept his products of the highest quality, using the best materials available, to serve his premium clientele.

5. Dreaming big
Most importantly, his story tells us how important it is to continue dreaming big and aiming for the stars even when they seem impossible. Had he not traveled 500 kms on foot with the vision of making it big, there might not have been an empire named after him.

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