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Day 3 at Amazon Fashion Week - Pearl Academy

«Submitted by Lavanya, student at Pearl Academy, Delhi »

The day started with an incredible collection by Paromita Banerjee who showcased Bora part-2. Her work was truly inspiring in many ways. Her work is primarily influenced by the concept of “hand-made” hand loom fabrics. The color scheme was  radiantly gloomy with a comprehensive use of complimentary colors. The highlights of the show were the reversible coats. While we spoke to people about her collection, Abheer Gupta said “ it’s interesting to see how Paromita manages to put her work together and while you are wondering how does it go together , there she is putting bewildering the audience!”

The next collection was by Tanvi Kedia, her collection of ethnic wear had extensive effervescent colors and the detailed work was more than flattering.

One of my favorite collection showcased was ‘JamaliKamali’ by Anupama dayal, Her work had a lot of prints and to my surprise after talking to her kids Teesta and Neel Dayal we were informed that all the prints were handmade first by Anupama Dayal herself and then block printed on the fabrics. The colors used were very alluring and expressive.

Sanchita’s collection had a wide use of flare work on sleeves with minimal embellishments around it.  A lot of distorted prints were used which visually looked very appealing and interesting.

We also got a chance to speak to the famous designer Anikta who didn’t showcase this year but she spoke about her collection ‘saaj’ which has been inspired by ice-cream colors and geometric patterns.

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