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Day 3 - A Lot Of Glam & Net At Wills India Fashion Week - Pearl Academy

– Test by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

Pia Pauro’s Scottish glam rock seemed like Scottish glam rock meets Indian couture, with all the heavy embellishments, embroidery and all the Zari work, she certainly brought some zing to her collection. Her show saw a lot of black, golden and red no surprises here. She surely knows how to make skirts with Zari work or stripes look fabulous with stockings. She had a lot of net in her Lehenga’s and dresses, which again came as no surprise because net is banging at the moment. The collection also saw a lot of Kurta’s and crop tops teamed up with pants. The biggest show of her collection was the intricate floral prints and embellishments on pretty much all her garments, which personally kept me stunned for a while. All in all I feel it was a show that set the bar for the day at the beginning. Also, a splendid start to day 3.

The thing I adored in Urvashi Kaur’s collection was the shimmer in the off white pieces which looked so dreamy and sophisticated. While she paired the colors dull blue and red with off-white in her collection she still did manage to make them look pretty eye catching. In her collection I saw a lot of stripes, well of course isn’t that like the second preferred print at the moment? Yes it is. With her beautiful elegant Sharara’s and Anarkali’s it was a show that made me go “Whoaa, not my colors but I’d absolutely wear it”! Also the thing that was worth blowing minds was the crumpled material with shimmer that was seen on her pieces, but the dark lemon glasses and the types of scarves totally stole the show away for me. So I’d say that it was a good continuation to Pia Puaro’s show.

The next show during Day 3 of Fashion Week was by Gaurav Jai Gupta & Paromita Banerjee. They used dull earthy colors that somehow for me, did not leave a mark. But I was still looking forward to more.

Archana Roa kick started her show with sky blue and white lace with a metal belt that surely did catch some attention, adding the metal belt to almost all her garments was a genius idea, I’d say it giva a new look to the usual outfit. Her collection also saw a lot of bright pastels if I may say, paired up with white. Not that perfect for winters but what the hell anything for fashion! The thing that I loved the most in her collection was firstly the beautiful shiny Pearls on the tops and the floral lace-look-a-like work on almost all the pieces. It boggled my mind as to what exactly was the material, well we can let that secret be with her. Her collection saw a lot, a LOT of checks and skirts with a slit and flairy peplum tops and the super sophisticated beige pants that never go out of fashion. She brought in some interesting colors too with yellow, mehandi green, ombré in peach thanks to them there wasn’t any monotony in the show. Also her showstopper outfit was a total win-win, it was a black and white long skirt with floral lace-look-a-like with a black peplum top with the metal belt, I mean need I say more? What a stunner!

As soon as Dev r Nil & Arjun Saluja’s shows started I said to myself, “Great! Another show with earthy color to sit through” but boy was I wrong! Thank God for leather, the day was saved. Now that is how you do earthy colors well, you add the edge through tanned or black leather. There were leather crop tops made into blouses and then there were clothes with the color palette of a rainy muddy day that were turned memorable thanks to the zips and the leather. It was a good ‘pick-me-up’ for me, certainly.

Payal Pratap, took inspiration from Japan and how! With her black and white floral kimonos she surely started off with a bang. The thing that I loved was that she maintained the bang with her Persian blue, orange and rust colored floral kimonos. A surprise material that entered her collection was velvet, she brought in velvet with her crop tops. I personally loved it because I feel velvet gives a very deep effect to any color and gives it more depth. Semi kimonos were seen too in her collection which she paired up with plain black stockings, which I feel, makes sense. Then came the beauties, golden silk kimonos with floral print embossed in them which totally took away my heart, I’d never wear that but damn how gorgeous is that! So basically all her kimonos have floral print and black in them, which are totally in.

Okay so Sanchita’s collection was say that the pieces were not in sync with each other but such beauties I tell you! From the glitter below the knee skirt to the floral jackets to the studded crop tops, I loved pretty much all of it. Absolutely loved how she played with checks and stripes in her collection, mid blown. So she got in her floral print, black and white, checks, stripes, studs, glitter, crop tops I mean what else is needed to cover. Also loved how she blocked her full glittered skirt with a plain black studded crop top, absolutely crazy of her to do that! The lady also got in some accessories to die for with the studded clutch to the maroon-ish brown colored suede shoes, I mean look at them and tell me if you wouldn’t kill to have them!

And then Satya Paul! The Wait Was OVER. I was standing on the edge of my holy grail and I couldn’t contain the excitement. I’m not much for Indian Designers since the first collection I ever saw (on T.V.) was of Marc Jacobs and I never looked out of New York and Paris after that – don’t worry, I’m learning now and I do realize now that I have missed out on a lot. But like Manish Arora, Masaba had made a special place for herself in my heart. Masaba was like, my girl. She started with the song Royals by Lorde and I swayed in my boots hoping the guards would let me in already. I missed the first few pieces but I stood stunned when I saw the first outfit. She is brilliant! She chose the most popular color of the season and the most sought after material and formed her collection. She used metallic red in holographic material and formed her artwork. Hands down to her. I can go on and on, but let me not set this into a rant.

Abraham & Thakore– Down to earth Indian couture is what I’d like to call their collection. Takes us back in time with its khadi material and the draperies. For me their collection was something which was very near to my style so I adored it completely. With the coffee colored Sarees, Kurta’s and pants I loved how they teamed everything up with a thin copper belt to give some zing to the otherwise boring attire. They also got in temple print on their Sarees and hell lot of triangles in their pants and Kurta’s. Thankfully they did add some shine to their garments with black leopard print embroidered on the Sarees and coats. What stunners they were, something I’d die to wear! Also totally loved their attempt at a plain black dress with a lot of embroidery and sequins. All in all I’d say that it was a good end to day 3.

Stay tuned for highlights from day four and check out images of all the shows on Instagram.

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