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Day 2 – More Craziness At Wills India Fashion Week '14 - Pearl Academy

– by Pearlites Tanya Bedi & Vaishnavi Shivaram | Fashion Media Communications, Level-0

The day began with Vaishali S.’s mind-blowing collection. Of course like always, Pearl alumni don’t disappoint and Vaishali S. was the best of the lot and she started the show with a bang and ended it with the same. If I would be asked to comment after the show, I’d just compliment her on how she made a subtle color like white stand out so much.

Kiran & Meghna, and Pratima‘s Collection: So I guess white is here to stay. For everyone who thought white is the color for just summer ’14; I’m sorry, but no. It’s all over the place. It’s the color of the year. And the collections traveled from beautiful floral patterns to dark colors and lots of black and then finally ended with all White.

Ashima-Leena are the queen of traditional wear”, was a statement made my Simran right after the fashion show occurred. And boy do I agree. Shades of Blue, Shades of Red, Gold And Shades of White, those were the colors and Black is always a constant. Beautiful Lehengas, Crop Top blouses and Sarees with slits; what is left? I personally went gaga after the slit in the Saree and found it quite creative, that’s one Saree I wouldn’t mind wearing as an everyday wear. I’m excited to see what all is in line for traditional wear now.

Rahul Mishra‘s set was the first thing that caught my eye when I entered and well it took me a while to get a hold of myself. It was made as if there were sharp icicles coming out of the floor and they were reflecting the light, blue-red-green. While the colors remained the same, the style was clearly out of the box. Reverse-ombre dress of white and midnight blue and the heavy coat with shoulder pads stole my heart and I do not want it back anymore. Over all it was quite amazing to watch all these pieces of art walk down the runway.

For highlights from day three, stay tuned!

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