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CMF FESTIVAL, Noida - Pearl Academy

The CMF Festival was a two day celebration by the School of Communication, Media And Film, Noida Campus. It was the first of its kind which was held on 29th-30th April,2015. The festival showcased the potential and scope of the CMF School and also succeeded in educating people about what the industry entails. The event was made possible only by the rigorous working and extreme amounts of hard work put in by the CMF Level 1 students of Noida. The entire CMF faculty both from Naraina and Noida are to be given credits for encouraging the students to pull off the event. This event also tried to educate the masses and break the stereotype that Design only entails fashion . This festival marked CMF’s identity in a fun yet interactive way.

Students engaged in displaying, merchandising, organizing, planning, and team work. The event ranged in a repertoire of activities which included talks by industry experts, workshops on stopmotion and animation which educated the students about the current trends and art of the trade, design centre : which the students displayed alongwith the alumni and a brilliant showcase. The journey to making the event come to life was a learning experience in itself for the faculty, alumuni as well as the students. Engaging in other student’s work, encouragement of the work is what motivates people to work harder, and also gives them a sense of achievement which is very important from time to time to pull off an event like this.

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