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Bodily Affair – Amba & Anirudh adapt text to body postures while expressing Shakespeare’s play at Design Polygon - Pearl Academy

Anirudh and Amba

Have you ever realized that we can convey our feelings through our bodies also!

Amba-Suhasini K Jhala & Aniruddh Nair, who are currently in the city conducting workshop with students of Pearl Academy under ‘Design Polygon’ have been successfully experimenting with the idea ever since the idea of theater fascinated them.

“Theater is something non cerebral activity to me where I feel one should be able to emote effectively on the stage. This finesse comes as a result of rigorous study of body postures and then the ability to wear it with the finest details”, explains Amba. 

“During the workshop the idea is to adapt classical text to body postures. We are going to present some excerpts from works of Shakespeare through physical theatre. We have been engaging Pearlites in developing stories by taking random postures in groups. The postures will reflect the actions and sentiments felt by the characters of the story through bodily expressions.” briefed Anirudh Nair.

“One has to take care of finer details of life while practicing physical theatre. Every possible curve, twist, flex, reflex, bend that your body can take it emanates a feeling, a sentiment that should be presented with the equivalent élan of choice of words. It needs fine understanding of classical vocabulary and some amount of historical knowledge about the writer in context.” explained Amba.

The workshop hence will end up in a stage performance on February 21 at Jawahar Kala Kendra where the duo shall present some situations from Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet etc. with the students of Pearl Academy.

Check out some pics from their workshop:

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