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Because art makes you forget about the journey... - Pearl Academy

From Altamira’s cave painting to Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, from Beethoven’s fifth symphony to Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, ever since the inception of fine arts, artists have been on the voyage of discovering various lights to narrate their stories in to the evolving human race.

I was called over amid a lecture by my CR and little did I know that the universe had conspired to introduce me to an artist whose ship of vogue has hit a shore that was earlier lost in oblivion. The Creative Indians – a popular TV show on TLC was having their first Mumbai shoot for season 3. Their prolific partnership with my college Pearl Academy brought me to the doorstep of Taxi Fabric, and I happened to have met Sanket Avlani, Curator of Design Fabric, who like me was in search of his own light, to orate not just stories but the intimate thoughts of his mind to the world.

My meeting with Manil and Rohit was like a breeze which gently blew away the dust of tension resting on my mind. Honestly, I had never witnessed a proper shoot in my life of twenty years and I was excited and nervous at the same time about the opportunity to be a part of the shoot.

Amidst uninviting delays, scorching sun and life sucking humidity of Mumbai the crew didn’t relax and worked with an inspiring determination.

In the quietness of rolling camera, Sanket Avlani spoke about his venture Design Fabric, sharing stories through kaale – peeli taxi. The taxis embellished with Design Fabric tells timeless stories to the traveler when they take the taxi for a journey. The customer finds themselves engrossed in the enthralling illustrations which fluently communicate the thoughts of the designer. Even after getting featured in a Coldplay music video Design Fabric refuse to let their feet leave the touch of ground.

“Art is timeless and beautiful and deserves to be appreciated.”

~ Madhav Sona, Pearl Academy, Mumbai.

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